The following “Growing Pains” actors were popular TV stars back in the 1980’s. “Growing Pains” was a hit sitcom filled with family values, comedy, and quite a bit of corniness. Relive this period in TV history and learn more about the actors and their personal lives below.

  1. Alan Thicke The patriarch of the family, Thicke was played Jason Seaver. The actor was born in Canada and is most well-known for his role as a “Growing Pains” actor. After starring in the show, he has guest-starred sporadically on other sitcoms, including “How I Met Your Mother” and “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

  2. Joanna Kerns This “Growing Pains” actress played the mother, Maggie, on the show. Like Alan Thicke, her most recognized role was on this sitcom. She earned small roles in movies like “Knocked Up” and “Girl, Interrupted.” She has also appeared briefly in TV shows such as “Eastwick” and “The Closer.”

  3. Kirk Cameron The “Growing Pains” actor played the always in trouble Mike Seaver in a role very reminiscent of Ferris Bueller. His antics, however, mellowed as the show wore on, in part because Cameron became a devout evangelical Christian. He now devotes his acting talents to religion, appearing in the doomsday series, “Left Behind.”

  4. Tracey Gold The actress played Carol, the book-smart, older sister of the Seaver family. During the show, Gold struggled with anorexia and devoted much of her time after the sitcom to the cause. The “Growing Pains” actress has appeared in many made-for-TV movies, but remains most recognized for the ‘80s show.

  5. Jeremy Miller This “Growing Pains” actor played Ben, the younger, wise-cracking brother. After the show, he has followed up with a few acting projects, but has pursued catering as a career.

  6. Ashley Johnson As the baby of the family, Johnson didn’t need too many skills other than look cute. Soon, however, she developed into a precocious pre-schooler on the show and earned more laughs. After “Growing Pains,” this actress developed into an attractive teen and starred alongside Mel Gibson in “What Women Want.” She has since been featured in a number of TV shows like “Lie to Me” and “King of the Hill.”

  7. Leonard DiCaprio Yes, Leo got his start on this ‘80s TV show. Since being a “Growing Pains” actor, he has gone on to lead in blockbusters like “Titanic” and “Inception.” Before hitting it big, however, he was an adorable orphaned teen that the Seaver family randomly adopted.

- Laura Picklesimer