"Gossip Girl," a hit show on the CW, is the craziest and wildest show on the network, making these "Gossip Girl" season four spoilers exciting and unexpected. The season left off with Blair and Dan getting closer than anyone would have expected, Serena in a full-fledged relationship with an ex-convict, and Lily and Serena beginning to fix their mother-daughter relationship. These "Gossip Girl" season four spoilers reveal a little bit about what is going to happen next with these characters. 


Dan and Blair. Blair has always had an insane relationship with Chuck Bass, her former lover, and Dan seems to always be in love with Serena. These roles have changed a little bit and in the past few episodes, Blair and Dan spend a lot of time together. One of the craziest "Gossip Girl" season four spoilers is that in one of the upcoming episodes, Blair and Dan kiss! Producers did not want to reveal what would happen between the two of them, but Penn Badgley, who plays Dan, says that whatever does happen will be "sudden" and no one will be expecting it. 


Chuck Bass. One of the least unexpected "Gossip Girl" season four spoilers is that Chuck Bass is going to be very interested in this kiss between Blair and Dan. Blair is Chuck's ex-girlfriend and they seem to always be in each other's business. They have been in an on and off relationship for a long time now, and when they are off, they each try to make the other miserable. They both love to scheme and play games, which is why they make such an interesting couple. In the next episode of season four, Chuck will say "I need to find Blair". This could be about the kiss she shared with Dan! 


Prince Louis. Prince Louis has appeared in previous episodes as Blair's royal crush. She even dated him for a while, but as soon as she got the chance, she went right back to Chuck. Prince Louis has not been on the show since then, but producers have confirmed that he will be returning. They did not say exactly when, but it will be sometime soon. This particular "Gossip Girl" season four spoiler was revealed through paparazzi photos of him on the set. 


Aunt Carol's appearance. One of the more unexpected "Gossip Girl" season four spoilers is that Aunt Carol, who is Lily's sister, will be making an appearance on the show. She will be coming into town with her daughter, who will be played by Kaylee Defer. Nobody knows why Aunt Carol is coming or how long she is staying, but word is the daughter may be sticking around for a while. Kaylee Defer's contract suggests that she may be a regular character next season!