The team responsible for assembling the "Gossip Girl" cast can congratulate themselves for a job well done. Gossip Girl debuted to respectable ratings, and it continues to build and grow (though season three saw the show falter). They've come back strong in season four. The show tells the story of the rich kids of the Upper East Side as told by a cyber gossip columnist, "Gossip Girl." Here is the cast.

  1. Serena Van Der Wootsen (Blake Lively) Serena was intended to be the focal point of the show, but it's really pretty evenly split between she and Blair. Serena is a statuesque blond whose beauty is not always easily apparent. She's willful, and doesn't often stop to think before acting.

  2. Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) Blair is either Serena's best friend or worst enemy, depending on what is happening in the story line. She's a beautiful, petite brunette. Blair has a determination and drive to succeed that seems out of place in a trust fund kid.

  3. Chuck Bass (Edward Westwick) Chuck is a bad boy, and women can't resist him. He'd be that much more irresistible if the Powers That Be let the actor retain his natural English accent. Blair Waldorf might be his one true love, but she'll probably be off limits by the time he knows for sure. Chuck inherited a great deal of money and properties, and will say or do whatever he has to in order to hang onto them.

  4. Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgeley) One of Serena's choices, as of season 4 he appears to be moving into something delightful with Blair Waldorf. He's not one of the rich kids, but he's in their world. As a very talented writer, he'll probably wind up being a rich man in his own right. Dan is the voice of reason in this entire crew.

  5. Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford) Serena's other choice. She bounced back and forth between Nate so often in the first three seasons, it was like watching a ping pong match. Nate's dad did jail time for embezzlement, and he's done a better job maintaining his equilibrium during this difficult time than Serena ever did. Nate is very 'still waters run deep'. 

  6. Lily Van Der Wootsen/Bass/Humphrey (Kelly Rutherford) There should be 2-3 more last names before VDW. Rufus is Lily's fifth, and one hopes final, husband. She has two children, Serena and Eric. She's a classic beautiful blond in the mold of Grace Kelly. Lily and Rufus are reunite high school sweethearts.Lily will go to any lengths to protect her family.

  7. Rufus Humphrey (Matthew Settle) Rufus is one tall, dark, handsome man. He has two children, Dan and Jenny. Rufus is a former rock star who now runs an art gallery. He is deeply devoted to Lily, no matter how badly she seems to drop the ball. 

  8. Eric Van Der Wootsen (Connor Paolo) Eric is Serena's troubled younger brother. He once attempted suicide to avoid coming out. Eric sometimes acts without thinking, but he always seems to come to his senses without too much outsid intervention.

  9. Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen) Once a firm central character, Jenny has been all but dropped from the show. During the first three seasons, she was an amazing character who drove forward several concurrent storylines. She is missed, and fans remain hopeful she will return to the "Gossip Girl" cast. She's studying fashion, and will at times, drop back into the thick of the plot.

"Gossip Girl" is a show that can be joined at any time. If you missed anything important, and it plays into the current episode, they will cover that in the opening scenes.