The adventures of the Duncan family are spotlighted in the “Good Luck Charlie” episodes currently airing on the Disney Channel. “Good Luck Charlie” focuses on the life of teenager Teddy Duncan, he brothers P.J. and Gabe, her parents Bob and Amy, and the video diary that Teddy films for her baby sister Charlie. The Disney Channel airs “Good Luck Charlie” several times during the week; check your local listings for the days and times.

  1. “Study Date” The premier episode of “Good Luck Charlie” has mom, Amy Duncan, heading off to her first night back at work as a nurse at the local hospital. She's nervous about leaving Charlie at home with her husband and the older kids, but he reassures her that he can take care of Charlie. Teddy has big plans of her own; she's invited Spencer, a boy she likes, over for a study date. As Teddy and Spencer are studying, Bob falls down the stairs while carrying Charlie, who flies up into the air and is miraculously caught by Bob as he lands at the bottom of the stairs. Teddy's study date is put on hold because she has to watch baby Charlie while P.J. takes their dad to the hospital to have his back checked. P.J. tries to hide his dad from his mom, but she ultimately finds him and thinks she's  should quit her nursing job, but P.J. tells her that everyone will help take care of Charlie.  

  2. “Double Whammy” This “Good Luck Charlie” episode has Teddy's mom trying to convince her to follow in her footsteps and become the school's mascot; a ram named Whammy. Teddy thinks Whammy is lame, but agrees to try out for Whammy to please her mother. She decides to throw the audition, but since she's the only girl trying out, she's awarded the honor of being Whammy. Once Amy finds out that Teddy didn't want to be Whammy, she dresses in her old Whammy costume and decides to fill in for her at the game, but since Whammy always seems to have bad luck, Amy is kidnapped by some guys from North High. She escapes and returns to the game in time to find Teddy dressed as Whammy in the middle of a fight with the North High Viking mascot. Amy joins in on the attack and she and Teddy take down the nasty viking.  

  3. “Charlie is 2!” The first “Good Luck Charlie” episode of season two focuses on Charlie's second birthday. The family wants to throw Charlie a great party, but things go off track when Bob rents a pony and it's stolen. P.J., Teddy and Gabe try to get tickets for Charlie to see her favorite group, the Gurgles, but the concert sells out in seconds. They enter a funny video of Charlie in contest where the prize is tickets to the Gurgle concert, but they lose. In a final, last-ditch effort to get Charlie to the Gurgles, they kids try to sneak into the concert. Unfortunately, they get caught and end up in jail.