"The Unit" cast from the CBS series has a lot of interesting characters, some who specialize in blowing things up and some who specialize in keeping them from blowing up. These are the actors who portray the main characters in the shows between 2006 and 2009, with 2009 being the end of the run.

Dennis Haysbert Haysbet plays Sergeant Major Jonas Blane in all 69 episodes of "The Unit." Blane is a non-commissioned officer who leads the Alpha Team of the 1st Special Actions Group. He is often referred to as Top and is sometimes called the Snake Doctor.

Regina Taylor Taylor plays Molly Blane, the wife of Jonas. She is a member of the cast in all of the shows,and she works for a private military company, Blackthorne Security. At the end of the series, she separates from her husband Jonas because he does not want to leave the unit.

Robert Patrick Cast member Patrick plays highly decorated Brigadier General Tom Ryan in all 69 shows between 2006 and 2009. In the earlier shows, the commanding officer is a colonel. He was promoted in season four of "The Unit."

Max Martini Martini plays the intense Mack Gerhardt in each of the episodes of "The Unit." He goes by the nickname of Dirt Driver. Mack always seems to be just a push away from coming unglued.

Abby Brammell Brammell plays Tiffy Gerhardt, Mack's wife. She is in each of the 69 installments of "The Unit." She is an adulterous affair waiting to happen and in earlier shows has one with Tom Ryan.