The "Glee" soundtrack list has a wide variety of styles that make it enjoyable to a wide variety of audiences.  Mixing show tunes with popular music, "Glee" has attracted theater buffs and teeny boppers alike.  By allowing a multitude of songs, it has made for a great set list, and some extraordinary numbers.

  1. "Landslide" This was sung by Santana, Brittany, and substitute teacher Holly Holiday.  A remake of Fleetwood Mac's classic, the amount of emotion that went into this song made it a great addition to the "Glee" soundtrack.  It spoke to the amount of turmoil that the girls were feeling about a relationship with each other, and it showed.

  2. "Vogue" Sue Sylvester has made very few singing contributions to the "Glee" soundtrack, but they provide quality entertainment whenever they are made.  When Sue sang "Vogue," it gave you a chance to see she really did want to fit in, while still making jokes by modifying lines of the song.

  3. "Don't Stop Believin'" Although Journey has been done to excess in "Glee," this song seems to be an inspirational anthem to the group.  It gives them hope when they first begin singing, and makes it into their final performance of the year in the first season.  It still creates an emotion, and makes it easier for those watching the show to sing, as it is in a lower key than the original Journey hit.

  4. "Safety Dance"  Although the song is more fun, it gives us an insight into one of the characters, Artie.  Artie, a wheelchair bound vocal artist, someday wants to walk.  "Safety Dance" allows us to see a fantasy of his, and shows us what he would really like to do; bust a move in the mall.

  5. "It's My Life/Confession"  The mash-ups on the "Glee" soundtrack are some of the most creative rearrangements of the songs, making two pieces of music into one number.  This particular mash-up puts the Lenny Kravitz hit and the Usher song together, making for an effective and entertaining piece of music for the audience to enjoy.