Who doesn’t want to hear some great “Glee” season 2 spoilers? Fans of the show have been remarking how much the episodes have improved over last season and it shows no sign of stopping now. The characters are taking more chances than they did before, exploring feelings they didn’t know they had and reaching heights they didn’t think possible. Here are some of the more shocking “Glee” season two spoilers so far.

Sue loses her head Cheerios. In her pursuit of new and creative ways to make herself famous, the cheerleading coach, Sue Sylvester, decides she wants to shoot Brittany out of a canon she rented from a carnival for the cheerleading competition. She also makes the three Cheerios (the nickname for the squad) choose between competing with her team and competing with New Directions. In one of the bigger “Glee” season two spoilers, the three girls (Brittany, Santana and Quinn) decide to quit, which forces Sue to lose the competition.

Brittany and Santana? While Santana was always pretty nonchalant about her occasional liaisons with Brittany, it turns out that she was harboring a secret crush on her best friend, which came to light after Santana hooked up with Sam. One of the most anticipated “Glee” season two spoilers came when Santana told Brittany how she really felt, only to have her heart broken.

The bully has a secret. Dave, who has spent the entire show tormenting Kurt because Kurt was the only openly gay student at the school, revealed in a jaw-dropping “Glee” season two spoiler that he’s is actually attracted to Kurt and is having a great deal of trouble dealing with his feelings.

Emma did what? Not only did Emma start seeing her dentist at the end of last season without any warning to the man she really loves, but she went and married her dentist boyfriend out of the blue in this “Glee” season two spoiler. At least Will can be comforted in knowing that they never consummated it.

New Directions tries something new. Looking to beat Sue’s glee group and Kurt’s glee group after he transferred another school, the New Directions knew there were going to have to try something they never attempted before. In one of the better “Glee” season two spoilers, they wrote and performed two original songs, which won the hearts and minds of both the audience and the judges.