Combine 80s pop culture music with a hit television show and you have "Glee" Madonna songs showcased in a single episode. Sexuality and virginity were the topics and Madonna's music definitely was the perfect choice of music to convey the message. Three characters: Ms. Pillsbury (a tad prude), Rachel (huge ego) and Finn (star quarterback) all considered losing their virginity. Even the uptight snobbish cheerleader's coach Sue Sylvester reflected on her sexuality. The title of the episode was "The Power of Madonna." The Madonna hits were a blend of her 80s music to some of her contemporary songs.  

  1. "Ray of Light" sung by the Cheerios. The term cheerios refers to the cheerleading squad. What made this musical number a bit off the wall was that the cheerleader's coach, Sue Sylvester, had the squad perform the song while standing on stilts. 

  2. "Express Yourself" sung by the female cast with Rachel as the lead singer. The "Glee" Madonna songs get underway by the girl cast members jumping into the music first. They're not afraid to go all material-girl on the boys.

  3. "Borderline" and "Open Your Heart" mash-up sung by Rachel and Finn. Rachel likes Finn. Finn wants sex. Rachel's not ready. Together they both sing this "Glee" Madonna duet to express their teenage longings.

  4. "Vogue" sung by Sue, Mercedes and Kurt. The one character on the show with the least sexuality, Sue, embodies Madonna to the T! The sex meter just went white hot!

  5. "Like A Virgin" duets sung by Rachel and Jesse; Emma and Will; Finn and Santana. It's Friday night and all three couples are contemplating sex. This "Glee" Madonna song was one of the few triple duets ever on the show.

  6. "4 Minutes" sung by full cast with leads Mercedes and Kurt. In order to get more recognized Mercedes and Kurt decide to join the cheerleading squad Glee teacher Will isn't too happy about that but the two characters are tired of being passed over for solos.

  7. "What It Feels Like For A Girl" sung by the entire male cast. The boys decide they can't resist not singing "Glee" Madonna songs. They jump right in and apologize to the girls by singing this song.

  8. "Just Like A Prayer" sung by the entire "Glee" cast. This end number unites the entire glee club. Mercedes and Kurt now have more singing opportunities and Rachel and Finn make up. 

- Cynthia Gulley