The "Glee" characters of the wildly popular Fox TV series consist of a group on high school misfits who share a love of music and a penchant for getting "slushied" by school bullies. The "Glee" cast is a set of quirky characters whose struggles represent typical teen dilemmas like peer pressure, bullying and self-image issues. All this is rolled up in a highly-produced, sleek package that tells a tale through cast renditions of popular songs. The following 10 "Glee" characters each contribute their own mental health issues, quirks and idiosyncrasies to make the show the successful musical dramedy that it is.

  1. Rachel Berry As the talented star of the Glee Club, Rachel annoys fellow "Glee" characters with her incessant self-promotion and narcissism. She struggles to show her likeable side throughout the show and lusts after McKinley High's star quarterback, Finn, while dreaming of Broadway. Rachel is played by Lea Michele.

  2. Finn Hudson As a popular football player, FInn has to choose between his popularity and his love of performing. He ultimately chooses to pursue Glee Club, but has to fight hard to maintain his status in the high school food chain. Played by Cory Monteith, Finn also comes to terms with his own prejudice toward gays during the show and deals with Quinn's pregnancy, believing the baby is his.

  3. Quinn Fabray Dianna Agron plays Quinn, the captain of McKinley High's cheerleading squad. Quinn falls from grace when she becomes pregnant and gives birth to a baby, which she gives up for adoption in the first season. An ambitious mean-girl at heart, she spends the second season of "Glee" staging a comeback and takes back her position as head cheerleader.

  4. Noah "Puck" Puckerman The school's bad boy, Mark Salling's "Glee" character spends his time bullying the school's losers (even the other Glee Club members) and philandering. Puck turns out to be the real father of Quinn's baby in season one.

  5. Kurt Hummel Kurt, played by Chris Colfer, is McKinley High's only openly gay student. His love of fashion and refusal to hide who he is to fit in make him a target for school bullies, something he has in common with the other "Glee" characters. In "Glee's" second season, Kurt is forced to transfer to another school to escape violent harassment from another student.

  6. Brittany Pierce Heather Morris is "Glee's" Brittany, an air-headed Cheerios cheerleader. Brittany is a favorite "Glee" character with fans because of her wacky comments and gullibility. She is also proud to have made out with every guy in the school.

  7. Artie Abrams Artie's "Glee" character dreams of dancing, but he is paralyzed from the waist down. That doesn't stop him from tearing it up in his wheelchair, but it does make him a target for cruel jokes and pranks by other students. Artie is portrayed by Kevin McHale.

  8. Will Schuester An optimistic Spanish teacher, Matthew Morrison's Will decides to relive his glory days as a star in the school's now-defunct Glee Club by resurrecting and running it. He faces many challenges to keep the glee club going, as well as personal challenges when his wife fakes a pregnancy in the first season of the show.

  9. Sue Sylvester Jane Lynch gives a convincing performance as the sadistic, arrogant and possibly mentally ill Cheerios coach. Will Scheuster's arch nemesis, Sue's role on the show consists mostly of making other "Glee" characters miserable. With some of the best comedic dialog, Sue's character is well-loved by fans regardless of her cruel tactics.

  10. Emma Pillsbury Jayma Mays' "Glee" character is an obsessive-compulsive school counselor. Will Schuester's love interest in "Glee's" first season (though Will is married), Emma is an ally to the Glee Club and enemy of Sue Sylvester.