Want to watch an entire "glee" Britney Spears songs episode? During the hit series' second season the "Glee" cast got in the mood to sex up their music by singing a few of pop idol Britney Spears' songs. However, the glee club's musical director Mr. Schuester thought the music was too sexual for his students to handle, so they were not allowed to sing Britney Spears during class. Once under the gas from the dentist, the glee members fell into a dream state where they rocked out to Britney's music. Even Britney Spears herself made a cameo appearance on the show!

  1. "I'm a Slave 4 U" sung by Brittany In a dream state, Brittany reenacts Spears' videos and dance moves. She even handles a real live yellow boa constrictor. Pierce went through several costume changes during this "Glee" Britney Spears song.

  2.  "Me Against the Music" duet sung by Brittany and Santana Brittany went back to the dentist for a follow-up visit and Santana wanted to be put under as well. The outcome was a stunning duet of Brittany playing Spears and Santana playing Madonna in this super slick mock video. 

  3. "Baby One More Time" sung by Rachel Remember the Catholic school girl outfit Spears wore for her video? Rachel in this "Glee" Britney Spears song does the pop star justice donning the same clothes. Don't forget the little girl pigtails as well! She looked hot!

  4. "Stronger" sung by Artie He, too, is put under the gas by the dentist and imagines himself as a football player out on the field with the guys. Artie is in a wheelchair so this "Glee" Britney Spears song really added more meaning to the song.

  5. "Toxic" sung by New Directions and Mr. Schuester The music director caves in and allows his students to sing a Britney Spears song for the school, providing he sings along, too. Mr. Schuester stole the show during this "Glee" Britney Spears song. The audience's reaction: total sexual chaos.