All of these "Gilmore Girls" cast members were featured in all seven seasons of the television series revolving around a single mother and her daughter. The show had a large ensemble cast of talented actors who got their big break from the series. Once the show ended, the majority of these "Gilmore Girls" cast members took a shot at the big screen before eventually finding their way back to starring on television shows.

Lauren Graham.

This "Gilmore Girls" cast member is a timeless beauty who portrayed Lorelai Gilmore, a single mother. She got her acting start in 1996 with a small guest role on "3rd Rock from the Sun", which led to a memorable performance on an episode of "Seinfeld". She portrayed Jerry's girlfriend Valerie, a women in a speed dial ranking war with her stepmother. She took a stab at concurring major motion pictures, but primarily got cast in small but significant roles, the most recent in "It's Kind of a Funny Story". In 2010 she went back to television by starring in the comedy-drama "Parenthood". Even if the big screen is not a good fit for Graham, she thankfully found a place on television.

Alexis Bledel.

Model turned actress Bledel is physically known for her sky blue eyes, porcelain white skin, and girl next door appeal. She made her acting debut as the goody-two-shoes Rory Gilmore on "Gilmore Girls" In 2005 she shed her good girl image by playing a prostitute with an attitude in the movie "Sin City" Later that year her good girl appeal came back out when she starred as Lena in "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" Since ending her streak as a "Gilmore Girls" cast member, Bledel has primarily stuck to movies, and rarely guest starred on television shows. In 2011 audiences will see if she has the making of a scream queen when she stars in the horror movie "Sleepaway Camp Reunion".

Keiko Agena.

There are two shocking things that must be known about this "Gilmore Girls" cast member. The first being she married her husband in a helicopter, and the second being she born in 1973. Yes, that means she started portrayin school' target='_blank'>high school student Lane Kim when she was 27-years-old. She never broke into mainstream stardom, and has primaril taken small roles in movies or featured roles in movie shorts. Most recently, Agena has acted as a guest star on the television shows "House" "ER", and "Castle". In 2011 she will appear as Mearing's Aide in the blockbuster  franchise "Transformers: Dark of the Moon". To this day, time has not caught up with her looks, and she can still easily pass as a high school student.

Scott Patterson.

Whoever thinks professional athletes cannot act is not aware this "Gilmore Girls" cast member played minor league baseball for seven years. He used that experience with his movie debut as a pitcher in "Little Big League". On "Gilmore Girls" he portrayed Luke Danes, the rough around the edges diner owner. He is another "Gilmore Girls" cast member who had a memorable role on "Seinfeld". Patterson played Elaine's sponge-worthy boyfriend in the episode about her birth control going off the market. On the big screen Patterson is most known for his character Agent Strahm from the horror movies "Saw IV", "Saw V", and "Saw VI". Currently, he is back on the small screen starring in the television series "The Event".

Melissa McCarthy.

Yes, this "Gilmore Girls" cast member is related to the blonde bombshell Jenny McCarthy. Melissa's first on-screen appearance was on an episode of her cousin's television show "The Jenny McCarthy Show". In 2000 she landed a role on "Gilmore Girls" as Lorelai's best friend and business partner, Sookie St. James. Recently, McCarthy took a leap into movies and landed minor roles in "The Back-up Plan" and "Bridesmaids" She is plus sized, and managed to not succumb to Hollywood's need for skinny, picture perfect actresses. Currently, McCarthy stars in the television show about a plus size couple entitled "Mike & Molly".

-Natalie Kuchik