The "Sonny with a Chance" cast is full of upcoming and current young stars. Currently airing on Disney, "Sonny with a Chance" revolves around Sonny Munroe, a girl from Wisconsin who gets the chance to be in her favorite sketch TV show, "So Random!"

Demi Lovato (Allison "Sonny" Munroe): Demi Lovato plays Sonny, the nice girl whose TV dreams came true when she was chosen to be on her favorite TV show. Lovato is an actress, singer and songwriter from Texas who is know for her Disney career, including a lead role in the "Camp Rock" movies. She is not expected to return to "Sonny with a Chance" for the third season, having been plagued with personal problems that forced her to leave a tour with the Jona Brothers in 2010.

Tiffany Thorton (Tawni Hart): Tiffany Thorton, a young actress from Texas, is known for her role as Tawni, Sonny's best friend and costar on "So Random!" Thorton's character, Tawni, is a diva who has a heart, as is shown throughout the series. Thorton also appeared in other popular television shows, including "Desperate Housewives" and "The O.C.", before taking a lead role in "Sonny with a Chance."

Sterling Knight (Chad Dylan Cooper): Sterling Knight plays Chad Cooper on "Sonny with a Chance," a teen-dream type from the "So Random!" rival "Mackenzie Falls."  Knight, who originally hails from Texas, starred alongside Zach Efron in "17 Again" and also appeared briefly in "Hannah Montana."

Brandon Smith (Nico Harris): Brandon Smith plays comic foil Nico Harris, who can never get a date. Smith, from Los Angeles, also raps and has appeared in one-episode roles on numerous shows, including "Without a Trace" and "That's So Raven."

Doug Brochu (Grady Mitchell): Mitchell, from North Carolina, plays Grady, Nico's best friend and partner-in-crime, on "Sonny with a Chance." He also appeared in the popular "iCarly" series on Nickelodeon as Duke Habberman, a wrestling friend of main character Freddie.

-Samantha Assad