All of these "Mentalist" cast members have thus far appeared in every single episode of the CBS television series. The show revolves around an independent consultant who helps solve cases with the California Bureau of Investigation. There are five main "Mentalist" cast members, and all but one previously starred in a television series. Surprisingly, some have limited but substantial acting experience while others have an extensive resume.

Simon Baker.

On "The Mentalist," he portrays main character Patrick Jane. Prior to becoming a "Mentalist" cast member, Baker was the main character on the television series, "The Guardian." In 1997 Baker starred in his first movie, "L.A. Confidential." His movie choices took questionable turns, especially when he starred in the horror film, "Land of the Dead." In 2006 his career rose again with a role in "Th Devil Wears Prada." If you saw the movie, you might recognize this "Mentalist" cast member as the sexy magazine writer who pursues Anne Hathaway's character. His movie career is back on the decline after starring in the 2010 flop, "The Killer Inside Me." He has Golden Globe, and Emmy nominations for his "Mentalist" role, so hopefully that credibility can help Baker make a successful leap onto the big screen one day.

Robin Tunney.

She definitely has the most extensive acting resume out of all the "Mentalist" cast members. Born in 1972, Tunny began her acting career in 1987 with a role in the TV movie "Frog." The mid-nineties is when she gained notoriety with starring roles in the teenage-geared movies, "Empire Records," and "The Craft." In 2005 Tunny got her first taste of what it is like to be a steady television cast member when she gained the role of Veronica Donovan on the hit show "Priso Break." Her movie career somewhat stalled out and Tunny never became a huge movie star, but she did have roles in the major motion pictures, "Hollywoodland," and "The Zodiac." On "The Mentalist" she portrays Senior Special Agent Teresa Lisbon.

Tim Kang.

Not only is Kang a "Mentalist" cast member, but he is also a graduate of University of California, and Harvard University. On "The Mentalist" he portrays Special Agent Kimball Cho, who is a member of Lisbon's (Robin Tunney) team. Prior to becoming a "Mentalist" cast member he had guest roles on television shows, but never starring roles. He has been featured in episodes of, "The Unit," "The Office," "Monk," and "Ghost Whisperer." In 2004 Kang portrayed detective Kent Yoshihara in a five episode arch of "Third Watch." His big screen roles are limited, and movies he has been featured in include, "The Forgotten," "Rambo," and "Mr. Sadman." It always seems Kang portrays some type of agent, or government offical, so lets hope in the future he gets to show more acting range.

Owain Yeoman. 

This "Mentalist" cast member graduated from London's Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, making him a classically trained actor. A lot of actors climb their way to the top by starting out taking roles in unknown projects, but Yeoman's first movie role was in 2004's "Troy." He portrayed Lysander, captain of the Trojan army. His other acting credits include, a role in the HBO mini-series, "Generation Kill," and recurring roles in, "The Nine," and "Kitchen Confidential." He has proven star power on the small screen, and in 2011 he will try and do it on the big screen with a starring role in the movie, "ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2."

Amanda Righetti.

Born in 1983, Righetti is the youngest "Mentalist" main cast member, and she portrays Special Agent Grace Van Pelt. No stranger to being a television cast member, Righetti portrayed Hailey Nichol on "The O.C.," and Tessa Lewis on the short lived "North Shore." Righetti is a natural beauty, and in 2009 became a scream queen when she starred in the reboot horror movie, "Friday the 13th." Her film career seems to be on the rise with roles in the 2011 movies, "Cats Dancing on Jupiter," "The Chateau Meroux," and "Shadow."