Totally addicted to the quasi-reality MTV show, "My Life as Liz" and super curious about the cast ? We've got your fix with juicy bios of the MTV series' main cast-members.  Disclaimer: while the cast-members are all real people, and many of the things that happen in the series "really" happen, this so-called reality is mixed with acted and scripted scenes and overhead monologues by Liz before it's aired.

Liz Lee,  is the protagonist/main character (as indicated by the inclusion of her name in the show's title). Liz is a vegan, and pet-snake owner (here's hope she's not feeding that serpent of hers tofu rats). Under her flaming red hair (bottle-induced), she's an entertaining mixture of shy outsider and cynical sophisticate that feels out of place in Burlseon. It's the small, conservative town in Texas, where she attend high school during season 1. In season 2, Liz has finally escaped Texas and is living and studying art in New York, New York.

Taylor is one of Liz's more unlikely friends, and counts among the "popular" girls and jocks. Taylor is blonde, tan and beautiful in a barbie-esque way.  Her friendship with Liz begins when Liz is forced to interview Taylor, an anchor on the school's television channel for her journalism class (season 1). Taylor drives a Hummer and spends her free time modeling and participating in fitness competitions and beauty pageants. In Season 2, Taylor is a senior at Burleson High.

Bryson is Liz's good friend/romantic interest. At the beginning of the series, this tall, dark-haired, guitar-playing dude has a girlfriend (which doesn't seem to stop him from flirting and eventually post-girlfriend hooking up with Liz).  Bryson is a history buff with serious trivia knowledge in country music that hates Lil' Wayne with a passion. In "My Life as Liz" season two, Bryson is a college freshman in Austin, Texas. 

Sully is Liz's best friend, and fellow comic book junkie. Sully is Liz's nerdy, but loyal younger friend, a sophomore to Liz's senior in "My Life as Liz" season 1.  In season 2, this chubby eagle-scout-wannabe stays in touch with New York Liz from Texas.

Cori a.k.a the Queen of Mean, was once upon a time Liz's best friend (perhaps during the dark-haired phase she mentions on her "My Life as Liz" season 1 cast-member profile), who turned traitorous and loathsome in high school and gave Liz all kinds of h-e double hockey-sticks.  Despite having made her peace with Liz near the end of the first season, the leader of the blonde squad and Liz lose contact.