"Lost" season 6 episodes are some of the most important episodes for everyone who was a fan or avidly watched the series because this was the final season of the show where all answers were supposed to be given and everything was wrapped up. The final episodes of one of the most popular series on television address a different loose end and create some new mysteries to keep viewers even more intrigued. Some of the most important of these "Lost" season six episodes are listed below.

"LAX" The first "Lost" season six episode follows the plane that crashed in the first episode of the series as it lands safely back at Los Angeles International Airport. However, all of the main characters from the show are not on the flight, despite the plane being mysteriously put back together and operating as usual. What does this reveal about what is really going on?

"The Substitute" This third "Lost" season six episode centers on two storylines about Locke, one of the most mysterious main characters on the show. A being now inside Locke's body promises to tell Sawyer why he is on the island. Meanwhile, Locke's character back in Los Angeles loses his job and encounters a number of different people who he recognizes, but doesn't really know why.

"Lighthouse" This sixth "Lost" season six episode follows a number of different story lines, both on the island and in Los Angeles. Jack and Hurley head across the island on a mission. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, the relationship between Jack and his son is delved into more deeply, revealing why it is so troubling. We also find out that Claire thinks the people at the temple stole her son.

"Across the Sea" The fourteenth "Lost" season six episode tells the story of Jacob and how he came to the island with his brother. We find out about his mother and their bad relationship and what Jacob was meant to protect on the island in the first place.

"What They Died For" This fifteenth "Lost" season six episode is right before the series finale and centers around Jacob telling the survivors of the submarine explosion why they are there. Meanwhile, Ben and Locke have a final showdown with Charles Widmore.