When it comes to TV Sitcoms we all have our favorite cast members and that is no different with the “George Lopez” cast. Some of the cast members make us life while others make us cringe. We look forward to the parts of some “George Lopez” cast members and others we hope would disappear. “George Lopez” was on the air for six seasons from 2002 to 2007. In those five years there have been six main cast members to enjoy.

  1. Bennie is George's dry humored mother. Played by Belita Moreno she believes she was a great mother to him, but he says otherwise. She is constantly cutting down Angie, George and the kids with curt and rude comments. She is the speed bump in the otherwise piture perfect life of the Lopez's.

  2. George is the father that believes in tough love. Played by George Lopez he over protects Carmen because she is a girl and lets Max get away with murder. His bestfriend is Ernie who plays and important role in his life.

  3. Carmen played by Masiela Lusha is George's teenage daughter who is very smart. She is the typical teenage girl and doesn't offer up to much trouble to the family.

  4. Ernie is George's bestfriend and they work together at the factory. Played by Valente Rodriguez, Ernie lends some funny stories and remarks to the show to keep the comedy rolling.

  5. Angie is played by Constance Marie keeps George on the straight and narrow and from turning out like his mother. Angie has had various jobs through the years but the most memorable was when she was trying to homeschool Carmen.

  6. Max is played by Luis Armand Garcia, Max is the youngest in the Lopez household and often treated like a child. His troubles in school and poor grades make him the butt for many of the jokes on the show.

-Sandy Baird