The History Channel's "Gangland" episodes are some of the more interesting documentaries out there. Learning about gangland culture, you know, the origins, the culture, the developed brutality is very interesting. The "Gangland" episodes give a revealing look into human social behavior. As dysfunctional as certain gangland activity can seem to be, it's nothing more than a raw, visceral microcosm of human interaction with one another. Humans are animals after all. All of the Gangland episodes are interesting to watch, but these particular "Gangland" episodes really stand out. Check out these "Gangland" episodes, and watch what colors you wear in certain neighborhoods.

  1. Army of Hate. When most people hear the term "Gangland" they don't think of White Supremists. They think of Al Capone or Lucky Luciano. Maybe you think of certain drug peddling street gangs in your neighborhood. But, there is no gang as detestable as a group of people that terrorize innocent folks simply because the color of their skin is different. Well, this particular "Gangland" episode exposes many of the racially driven hate cells around the country. Most of the people that join these gangs are mindless idiots. The people you need to watch out for are the calculating, sinister higher ups. Talk about true evil. Sick topic, but great documentary.

  2. Biker Wars. Ah yes, the infamous biker gangs. This particular "Gangland" episode shines a little light on the super secret, super brutal 1% biker gangs. The 1% biker gangs are the ones that openly engage in illegal conduct. Be it gun running, drug peddling or what have you. he most interesting aspect of this documentary isn't the terror that these gangs cause. It is the exposition of growth, or mutation of once peaceful bike clubs into the illegal gangs that they are today.

  3. Black P Stones. Here's another interesting "Gangland" episode that documents the transformation of a once upright social club into a brutal street gang. The Black P Stones originally started out has an inner city social club in Chicago that helped people survive in the tough inner city streets. Then came the crack. With crack comes money. With money comes conflict, and death. Check this one out.

  4. Mexican Mafia. This is probably one of the more interesting episodes of "Gangland." It traces the roots of Los Angeles street gangs to the Mexican Mafia. This is a no holds barred episode that shows exactly how the Mexican Mafia controls the streets in LA. It also addresses the violence caused in the jails when Black and Mexican gangs go at it. 

-Brian Bush