Friday Night Lights Cast

Thursday, September 29 by Ryanick Paige

Fans of the football drama want to know more about the “Friday Night Lights” cast. The show is a favorite among football fans and woman who like to watch men run around in tight pants. "Friday Night Lights"  will be canceled after their fifth season, leaving fans looking for something to fill the void. If the show piques your interest, you'll have to wait for reruns or order the DVDs.


Kyle Chandler

Kyle Chandler plays Eric Taylor, but he had a past before joining the “Friday Night Lights” cast. In 1992 he played the cocky Buddy Jackson in “Pure Country.” He could also be seen in several television series including “Homefront,” “Tour of Duty” and “Early Edition.”


Connie Britton

Although she was part of the “Friday Night Lights” cast when the show began, her longest role was 93 episodes of “Spin City” when she co-starred with Michael J. Fox. She also starred in other television series such as “The Fugitive,” “Th Fighting Fitzgeralds,” “The West Wing” and “24.”


Aimee Teegarden

Her career started in 2003 when she starred in an episode of the television drama “Cold Case.” Since then she has been seen in “CSI: Miami,” “90210” and “CSI.” She also had a number of rolls on the big screen, including “Scream 4” and “Call of the Wild.”


Taylor Kitsch

Kitsch only played a trouble high school football star on “Friday Night Lights,” he got his start in 2006 on a television series called “Godiva's.” His career has yet to take off, but he has some potential.


Jesse Plemons

After getting started in acting in 1998 when he was just ten years old, his longest running part was on “Friday Night Lights” as Landry Clarke. Before that he had short parts on “Childrens Hospital,” “Cold Case,” “NCIS” and “CSI.”

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