Learn more about the "Frasier" cast and why we so loved them so much. "Frasier" ran for eleven seasons and was one of the most successful televisions shows of our time. "Frasier" was a spinoff of the very famous "Cheers" where Frasier was married to Dr. Lilith Crane. "Frasier" begins with his divorce from Lilith and his return to Seattle where he lives with his father, Martin, and his brother, Niles. The "Frasier" cast was small and very unique, but loved by millions of viewers weekly.

  1. Dr. Frasier Crane Kelsey Grammer played Dr. Frasier Crane, the very arrogant lover boy of the show. Frasier was always involved with some woman with whom he may love or simply desire. Frasier carried the show to its star status and we often wonder why the show was canceled. Frasier was on television for twenty years in his roles on "Cheers" and "Frasier."

  2. Niles Crane Niles Crane, Frasier's brother, was played by David Hyde Pierce. He received numerous awards for his portrayal of Niles Crane and was one of the favorites of the "Frasier" cast. Frasier was always jealous of Niles and the show emphasizes how Niles was always loved the most. Niles' love life is full of unhappiness with his marriage to Maris, a horrible and demeaning woman. Niles divorces her and marries Daphne Moon, the live-in physiotherapist hired to take care of Martin Crane.

  3. Martin Crane Martin Crane was played by John Mahoney. Martin was an ex-police officer who gets shot in the hip and is forced to retire. This is why he lives with Frasier in his townhouse. Daphne Moon is hired to come and take care of the sometimes grouchy and irritable Martin Crane. Martin’s best friend is Eddie, the very lovable and adorable terrier who becomes the star of the "Frasier" cast.

  4. Daphne Moon Jane Leeves plays Daphne Moon, the physiotherapist hired to take care of Frazier’s father, Martin Crane. From the very beginning, Daphne is loved. She takes care of everyone and shows everyone she is in charge and with her sassy manner. Not until the end of the seventh season do we see what is in store for Daphne and Niles as their love blossoms.

  5. Roz Doyle Roz Doyle is played by Peri Gilpin. She is the producer of Frasier's radio show. She and Frazier will later become very close friends. Doyle’s character is very promiscuous and she has many “friends” including Bulldog. She is very close to “Marty” (Martin Crane) and is Daphne’s maid of honor at her wedding. Doyle was an important part of the "Frasier" cast.

  6. Eddie, the dog Eddie is the real star of the show. Although Frazier thinks he is a star, Eddie would show everyone he is the character that many viewers will turn in to see. Eddie’s love for Martin Crane is apparent from day one and. Eddie was played by two dogs named Moose and Enzo. Moose died in 2006 and was replaced by a look-alike, Enzo. The "Frasier" cast could never be complete without mentioning Eddie.