Fox shows have been known to stretch the boundaries and produce some of the most memorable in drama, reality TV, comedy and animation. Some of their programming goes on to be the longest-running and influential shows in history. People tune in to Fox in order to see genre-bending TV shows or animated train wrecks of hilarity. The shows go for broke more often than not to entertain viewers when not watching any major sporting events. Fox is a river boat gambler with its shows and the payoff is another well spent hour of excellent television.

"The Simpsons"

Matt Groening created this animated, dysfuctional family that debuted on "The Tracey Ullman Show" back in April 1987 and the rest is TV history. His satirical spin on a regular American family has garnered dozens of Emmy awards for the Fox network, a movie in 2007 and managed to get "D'oh" into the dictionary. This show is one of the longest-running shows that earned a place in pop culture history. 

"House, M.D."

Take a pill-popping megalomaniac physician, put him in charge of patients' lives and watch the sparks fly. Hugh Laurie plays the titular character whose genius is only dwarved by his ego and disdane for humanity. The Fox drama works as he and his team of doctors work to solve the most difficult medical mysteries on each show.


Another long-running series first brought reality to TV as camera crews follow actual police officers on the beat. The show also introduced the song "Bad Boys" from Inner Circle that it is now synonimous with cops chasing down suspects. Fox had a winner on their hands as fans continue to watch the program's window into law enforcement.

"The Shield"

This police drama makes "Hill Street Blues" look like "Seasame Street" about a gang of corrupt cops known as the Strike Team. Michael Chiklis's Detective Vic Mackey leads the team who has a contemptuous relationship with his own captain, David Acevedo. This Fox show pushed the envelope of grittiness in ever episode as the politics, double-dealing and intrigue of Farmington is more intense than the cimes they solve.

"Married with Children"

Ed O'Neil, Katey Sagal, Christina Applegate and David Faustino were the warped version of the Huxtables as the dysfunctional Bundy family from Chicago. The show was the network's first ever prime time program that lasted eleven seasons. Many famous names have guest starred throughout its run like Pamela Anderson, Cheech Marin (voice of Buck the family dog) and Matt LeBlanc to name a few.