"Flash Forward" has only a few episodes to count as you will see in these "Flash Forward" episodes. Its basic premise is about the entire world blacking out for two minutes and seventeen seconds with people getting glimpses of certain things that they don't understand. Worldwide, everyone glimpses into a flash forward of what their lives were going to be like six months ahead of time. Naturally, this stirs up a lot questions and investigations. Each character has their own vision that they must face one way or the other.

  1. "No More Good Days" Episode 1 Season 1. As the pilot episode for this epic series, it certainly had a lot of groundwork to go over. This episode explains what happens to everyone in the world as they black out and have glimpses of their future. Agents in Los Angeles try to understand and figure out what has happened to everyone. It ends with a twist as a man in black is seen walking around a stadium in Detroit, while everyone around him is unconscious.

  2. "137 Sekunden" Episode 3 Season 1. As this episode unfolds, viewers learn there is a German Nazi war criminal that has the answers that Mark and Janis are looking for. He claims to know why the black out was exactly 137 seconds. In exchange for his answer, he wants to be released back to the United States. As this is happening, many characters begin to realize that their visions may be hints at what the results of their current actions can cost them. This eludes to one of the show's themes - if you know your future, can you change it? Should you?

  3. "Future Shock" Episode 12 Season 2. The final episode of the "Flash Forward" series brings everything together. This episode shows the foreseen fates of the characters coming true. They are only slightly altered, but they still uphold to the visions they once had. It ends with the conspirators revealing to Mark that there will be another black out, but this time, no one knows how far into the future it will be.

- Amanda Ferguson