If you were a fan of sitcoms in the 1990's it is most likely you will have seen these “Family Matters” episodes. These “Family Matters” episodes feature the comedic relief of Steve Urkel, the annoying next door neighbor of the Winslow family. Whenever trouble arises, it seems that Steve is always near.


“The Big Fix”

In this “Family Matters” episode, Laura has to swallow her pride and go out on a date with Steve Urkel in order for him to agree to tutor her brother Eddie. Steve has had a crush on Laura since the show began and this was his one chance to go out with her.


“In a Jam”

Eddie tells Steve he needs to stick up for himself when he is being bullied. After the bully threats get worse, Eddie steps in and fights the bully in order for him to leave Steve alone. This “Family Matters” episode showed that bullying was wrong even twenty years ago, and that results can be reached when friends stick together.


“Marriage 101”

As much as Laura tries to stay away from Steve's affections, she is paired up with him during a mock marriage for her Home Economics class. Although Laura feels smothered by Steve's over affection, every female viewer and even Laura's own mother wishes their husband paid half of that attention to them.


“Rumor Has It”

Steve comes to try and save Laura's reputation when her recent date has been telling his friends that Laura was easy and they had sex on their first date. Although Laura doesn't believe Steve at first, another friend confirms that Steve is telling the truth and Laura needs to save her reputation in this "Family Matters" episode.


“Home Sweet Home”

After Steve's parents leave him homeless when they move to Russia without him, Carl let's him move in to the Winslow home. It might not be the best thing for Carl or the family, but they won't let Steve be without a home, no matter how annoying he can be.   

-Sandy Baird