Everybody Hates Chris Episodes

Friday, August 26 by Mallorie Greene

In season one of the "Everybody Hates Chris" episodes, Chris' father, Julius bring home $200 worth of food stamps for  grocery shopping. After Julius gives the food stamps to his wife, Rochelle, shes takes the stamps to purchase food at the grocery store. Before using the food stamps at the checkout line, she notice her good friend, Sheila behind her in the line and uses cash so her friend don't believe she's broke. One of the best "Everybody Hates Chris" episodes as it shows a classic example of some people living beyond their means to impress others.

"Everybody Hates Caruso" 

Joey Caruso is the school bully who often target Chris in most "Everybody Hates Chris" episodes. However Caruso takes a break beating up Chris while the bully and his goons picks on a new student, who eventually take martial arts classes and uses his skills to defeat Caruso. After losing his title as the school bully, Caruso becomes powerless so other students jump at the chance to become the next school bully and target Chris as their potential punching bag. This "Everybody Hates Chris" episode is great as Caruso finally become defeated and powerless.

"Everybody Hates Homecoming" 

In this "Everybody Hates Chris" episode, Chris is delighted that he has a date to the Homecoming dance with Jenise Huxstable, the girl of his dreams. Chris gets a little anxious when he meet her parents, powerhouse couple, Clint and Blair Huxstable who lives in a prestigious area outside of Bed-Stuy. As Chris prepares for the date, Chris' friend, Greg gets into trouble and need his help. Now Chris becomes torn to help Greg or go to the Homecoming dance with Jenise. "Everybody Hates Chris" pays homage to 80s sitcom, the "Cosby Show", as Orlando Jones acts similar to Bill Cosby's character Cliff, Devika Parikh as Clair, and Tristin Mays as Denise. The setting of their home has similar styles and Jones makes one of the best Cliff Huxtable impressions which makes this one of the greatest "Everybody Hates Chris" episodes to air.

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