Want to know who the "Entourage" cast members are? The storyline centers around a rising movie star from Queens and his close circle of childhood friends. The main character has a dream to become a big star. He's got himself an agent and throughout the series he's always looking for that next big break that will put him in the limelight. The show takes you through the highs and lows of becoming an actor. "Entourage" is loosely based on Mark Wahlberg's start into the entertainment industry. Mark is currently one of the executive producers on the show.

  1. Vince Chase played by Adrian Grenier. Vince got himself a big blockbuster hit only then to make a bad decision and star in a flop. Vince is the good looking actor who isn' taken seriously in Hollywood. Adrian played in several movie roles but it wasn't until he joined the "Entourage" cast that he became a bonafide star.

  2. Eric Murphy played by Kevin Conolly. Eric, also known as "E", is Vince's unofficial/official manager. He is best friends with Vince and is the only friend character who really watches out for Vince's career. Kevin is best known for his television hit series "Unhappily Ever After." 

  3. Johnny 'Drama' Chase played by Kevin Dillion. Drama is the only other actor character in the series and is best known for playing a Viking in a cult series. Drama is also the only brother to Vince. Kevin is movie star Matt Dillon's brother. Kevin's played small roles in movies, in made for television movies and garnered parts in television series. Being on "Entourage" cast however is his biggest acting break to date. He's been nominated for an Emmy and Golden Globe for his supporting role in "Entourage."

  4. Turtle played by Jerry Ferrara. Turtle is the slacker of the group. He life centers around food and having a good time. Ferrara played in small roles in television and film before landing his part as an "Entrouage" cast member.

  5. Ari Gold played by Jeremy Piven. Ari is the hyper and overly aggressive agent for Vince. He butts heads with Vince's manager-best friend Erik continuously as both fight over the direction on Vince's career. Jeremy has starred in small roles in movies and many stints in television series before he became a central cast member of "Entourage." He's won three Emmy's and one Golden Globe for his role as Ari Gold.