These "Army Wives" season four spoilers will definitely keep you hooked on the nighttime soap opera. If you are uncertain about watching this season, then these spoilers will let you see how exciting season four is. Each of these spoilers expose the drama, romance and suspense built into each episode.

Children. This "Army Wives" season four spoiler shows the excitement of children and birth season four has in store. Roxy and Trevor are having a baby together. At the season's start they eagerly await the arrival date, while Roxy is hesitant to tell others. Meanwhile, in this season Denise and Frank help their son cope with the loss of his friend.

Surprises. This "Army Wives" season four spoiler reveals the stress and joy that suprises bring to the cast of "Army Wives." In this season, Claudia Joy has an unexpected visit from an old friend, making for an intriguing interaction. Likewise, Michael's Aunt surprises him with a visit, shocking many with this surprise.

Scandals. A great show is not complete without great scandals, which is what this "Army Wives" season four spoiler is all about. Emmalin hosts a party where a girl was drinking, causing an uproar during breakfast. Then, rumors of domestic violence begin to spread and the wives strive to cope with the situation.

Romance. This "Army Wives" season four spoiler reveals the troubles and successes within the relationships on the show. Pamela and Chase decide to take action and fix their marriage. However, Pamela does not trust Chase's efforts to amend their relationship. Meanwhile, others strengthen their relationships when dealing with difficulties or new births in their lives.

Changes. In the fourth season Pamela receives a new job with exciting opportunity. At the season finale, Denise goes into labor while on the phone with Jeremey. This "Army Wives" season four spoiler will be one of the reasons you'll want to catch every minute of the show.