"Eastbound and Down" quotes are numerous and hilarious, as this hit HBO comedy series follows a rude but funny ex-major league baseball pitcher as he tries to put his life back together and make a career comeback. In truth, "Eastbound and Down" isn't the most original comedy made in recent years, but what makes it a great show are the characters and their ridiculous dialogue, namely Kenny Powers, the main character in the show. This is why the "Eastbound and Down" quotes are so funny and worth remembering, as they are probably the best part of the entire show.

  1. "The best part about being Kenny Powers is being Kenny Powers." This "Eastbound and Down" quote is obviously said by main character Kenny Powers, who is incredibly pompous, yet completely unaware of his nature. This fact is even funnier and becomes a focal point of the comedy in the series.

  2. "Oddly enough, the people here aren't that different from the ones back home, when you get past the interest in real sports and the need to have yellow rice at every f*ckin' meal!" This "Eastbound and Down" quote is Kenny Power's not-so-politically correct assessment of the Mexican culture, where he lives in the second season of the show. He goes here to play minor league ball and begin his comeback.

  3. "Yeah, I'm sure they got sluts in Tampa. But I didn't go there, Wet Puss. I went to Mexico on an epic, spiritual quest that ended in failure." This "Eastbound and Down" quote is also from Kenny Powers, as he talks about what he learned from going to Mexico and why he is now back in the States. This quote comes at the end of the second season of the show.

  4. "I could stand to lose four, maybe five pounds to get back into practical game condition." This "Eastbound and Down" quote is also from Kenny Powers, noting his own belly and the fact that he is not quite yet training to pitch again. In truth, he should probably lose twenty to 30 pounds before he is really back in playing shape, but you'll have to tell him yourself.

  5. "It's time I accept that the glory days of my life are now behind me. Just like Neil Armstrong, I went to space, now I'm back and nobody gives a shit." This "Eastbound and Down" quote comes from Kenny Powers coming to grips with his fall from grace as a pitcher. Yet he is still so incredibly full of himself he doesn't understand that he is not as important as the first man who walked on the moon.