There are not a large number of "Eastbound and Down" episodes—the hit HBO comedy that follows ex-major league relief pitcher Kenny Powers as he tries to make a comeback. In the first season of the show there were only 6 episodes and in the second season of the show there were only 7 episodes. With that said, the entire series has made it's mark as one of the funniest comedy series on television, with raunchy, dark and often-times rude humor with a character that is lovable yet also completely despicable. A list of these "Eastbound and Down" episodes are listed below.

  1. Chapter 1. In the pilot "Eastbound and Down" episode, Kenny Powers is introduced in a quick montage where he talks about his rise to stardom, his drug use and outrageous behavior and then his subsequent fall from grace. Everything is set up in this episode as Kenny returns to his hometown where he believes he will still be considered a hero.

  2. Chapter 7. In the first "Eastbound and Down" episode of the second season, Kenny Powers has headed to Mexico after his initial comeback attempt fails and he has abandoned April, the first girl he ever loved and then subsequently screwed over. We as viewers are integrated into Kenny's new bizarrely hilarious life playing for a minor league Mexican baseball team.

  3. Chapter 10. This "Eastbound and Down" episode follows Kenny Powers in the second season as he is still in Mexico and actually making a name for himself as a minor league relief pitcher. However, due to Kenny's pompous ways, he starts to showboat too much and it causes a number of hilarious problems. He is also dating a beautiful Mexican girl named Vida, who Kenny suddenly realizes he has some serious competition for: with the owner of the minor league baseball team.

  4. Chapter 13. The season two finale "Eastbound and Down" episode follows Kenny Powers as he leaves Mexico with his entourage en tow. However, he returns to the hometown he left once again to right the wrongs that he left behind, ultimately having to confront his future before the third season of the show.

  5. Chapter 8. In a second season "Eastbound and Down" episode, Kenny meets the owner of the Charros, the Mexican minor league baseball team owner who is happy to have Kenny playing for him. However, Kenny is depressed when he hears about what happened to April after he left her.