Dwight Schrute quotes are easily the most memorable quotes from the hit TV series "the office." Whether he's loyally following his boss, Michael Scott, around the office, or making obscure science fiction references, his sincerity through it all keeps audiences coming back for more. If there's a fan of "The Office" around, keep these Ten Best Dwight Shrute Quotes stored in your memory to impress even the most avid "Office" fan.

  1. "It is called a 'ladies room' for a reason. And if you cannot behave like ladies, well then you are not going to have a bathroom." In the episode "The Dundies" from the "The Office," Dwight finds out that someone wrote something unflattering about his beloved boss, Michael Scott in the women's bathroom. Dwight decides to punish the ladies for their crime. Since the culprit won't confess, Dwight resorts to punishing them all by taking away the "privilege" of having a bathroom, making this Dwight Shrute quote one to remember.

  2. "My animal deserves a lot of loving." In another episode of the second season, "Valentine's Day," Dwight Shrute struggles to find a Valentine's gift for his high-strung, secret girlfriend, Angela. After talking with another worker, he finally finds the perfect gift... a key to his house. This Dwight Shrute quote had men and women in shock as he refers to handling women like "animals."

  3. "You can't fire me! I don't work in this van!" In the episode "The Injury, " Dwight takes a turn for the worst while suffering from a concussion after an accident featuring his car and a street lamp. Work-mate drive him to the hospital. However, they have to keep him from hurting himself further... not an easy task. Any "Office" fan knows this is a Dwight Shrute quote for every list.

  4. "Stat means now!" Season two of "The Office" has done it again with the memorable episode, "The Fire." After an employee starts a fire in the break-room, Dwight attempts to take control of the situation and no one takes him seriously. This short, but sweet Dwight Shrute quote comes from his eager attempts to follow safety procedure.

  5. "I'm not dead. I'm the lion. You're dead." In the epsiode "Health Care," from season one, Manager Michael Scott shirks his responsibility of picking a new health care plan for the workers in "The Office." He passes the problem to Dwight, who shares his thoughts on the matter of "health care in the wild." Not only is this Dwight-wisdom at its best, but a perfect Dwight Shrute quote.

  6. "Oh man, am I a woman?" The episode "Diversity Day" is memorable on its own. However, this Dwight Schrute quote is the icing on the cake after Manager Michael Scott makes everyone assume a different ethnicity in a poor attempt at trying to teach the value of diversity.

  7. "Why would you do that Jim? Is it because you know I love Count Chocula?" In another Dwight Schrute quote from the episode "Health Care," Dwight takes offense when his coworkers begin retaliating against his new health care plan by making up diseases. His desk-mate, Jim, offers up the fictional affliction "Choculitis."

  8. "I want him to have all the urine he needs." In the episode "Drug Testing," Dwight Schrute decides that the whole office needs a drug test. Finding out that his boss may not be able to pass after attending a recent concert, Dwight takes it upon himself to help his hero cheat the system... by offering up his own urine, instead.

  9. " I did, however, tip my urologist. Because I am unable to pulverize my own kidney stones." This Dwight Shrute quote is just another piece of Dwight-wisdom, when he shares with the viewers how he believes money should be made.

  10. "Assistant Regional Manager." The most memorable Dwight Schrute quote comes from the first two seasons. Michael and Dwight often debate over Dwights official title. "Assistant Regional Manager," or "Assistant to the Regional Manager?"