Get your fill of canned laughter and teenage hijinks with these “Drake & Josh” episodes. “Drake & Josh” picks up where shows like “The Brady Bunch” and “Diff'rent Strokes” left off by putting a more modern spin on the concept of the blended family. Drake and Josh are step brothers who are complete opposites; Drake is an outgoing party kid where as Josh is a sweet and bookish. While their relationship gets off to a rocky start in the beginning of the show, the two boys become good friends despite their differences. Most of “Drake & Josh” episodes center around Drake doing something silly and dangerous while Josh looks on disapprovingly. At the end of each episode the boys find a way to come together to do the right thing and learn something along the way.

“Believe Me Brother” - You can’t have a teen sitcom without at least one love triangle. In this “Drake & Josh” episode, Drake’s new girlfriend has taken a shine to Josh and flirts with him when Drake is away. Despite Josh’s insistence that he’s innocent Drake thinks his brother is out to steal his girl. This is the one episode where Megan’s constant pranks are helpful, because if it wasn’t for her messing around with Drake’s video project he would never found out the truth about his girlfriend.

“Two Idiots and a Baby” - In this “Drake & Josh” episode, the boys offer to help their boss get a promotion and to watch his baby while he’s away. While the boys have their backs turned the baby suddenly disappears. Mad with worry, the responsible Josh spends the rest of the episode looking for the missing baby while slacker Drake goes to a concert. But in the end, his loyalty to his brother wins out over the desire to have a good time and Drake goes back to the house to help Josh find the missing baby.

"The Bet" - In the land of teenage sitcoms, watching kids try to kick their junk food and video game addictions is comedy gold. For reasons that are never quite explained Josh and Drake place a wager to kick their respective addictions. After a week without junk food, Drake breaks out in a hideous and hilarious rash. Josh gets an amazing new game from his grandma, but he can’t play it because of the bet. By the end of this “Drake & Josh” episode, both boys give into their addictions and have to dye their hair pink.

“Pool Shark” - This “Drake & Josh” episode plays out like a family friendly version of the Paul Numan and Jackie Gleson classic “The Hustler.” Only instead of the slick and and scary Jackie Gleson playing the chiseled Paul Newman in a winner takes all pool game, you have Drake using Josh to hustle their friends out of lunch money. As in every “Drake & Josh” episode, Josh takes a stand against Drake’s schemes and Drake learns a lesson as the show fades to black with everyone happy.

“Helen’s Surgery” - In this “Drake & Josh” episode, doing a good deed turns into an excuse to throw a party. After eye surgery leaves Helen temporarily blind, the boys offer to help her out around the house. What they think is going to be a boring old lady pad turns out to be a super sweet pad complete with a flat screen TV and a hot tub. Despite Josh’s disapproving eye, Drake desicdes to throw a party at Helen’s place.

- Sameerah Blue