“The Good Wife” cast leads us through the life of a politician’s wife and her dealing with his infidelity, a fitting scenario in today’s world. Although there are a lot of cast members on “The Good Wife” very few actually support the show and what it is all about. "The Good Wife" is a favorite among many because a lot of women can relate to the main issues at hand, lies, betrayal, and starting your life over again. 

Julianna Margulies

As Alicia Florrick she is the show. “The Good Wife” is all about her character and how she stood by her cheating man. She is the star of the show and brings her character to life in the most believable fashion. Before “The Good Wife” she was best known for her role as Nurse Carol Hathaway in “ER”.

 Archie Panjabi

As Kalinda she is Alicia’s right hand and best friend. That is until Alicia finds out that long before they were friends, Kalinda slept with Alicia’s husband as a thank you for him helping her out. She hides the secret well and never misses a beat with her friendship. She was in a number of television movies and series including "Sea of Souls" and "Grease Monkeys" before she took a role on ”The Good Wife” cast.

Alan Cumming

He is pushy in his role as Eli Gold. He has a deceitful like appearance that plays into his role as Eli well. Although he has only appeared in a little over half of “The Good Wife” episodes, he add more entertainment factor than most of the other characters on the show. He lends his voice to video games and cartoons and has made appearances in a number of television movies and series. 

Josh Charles

Will Gardner was a love interest of Alicia’s on college and now he is her boss. It is apparent that they still have feeling for each other but are respectful to Alicia’s marriage. There seems to be a natural chemistry between Josh Charles and Julianna Margulies. His most noteworthy roles before joining :The Good Wife" cast include "Sports Night" and "In Treatment".

Matt Czuchry

As Cary Agos he was Alicia’s opponent as to who would get a fulltime job with the firm. Cary lost. Now he works with Peter Florrick in the States Attorney’s office. He has a baby faced appearance but can be as deceitful as they come ad he knows how to get exactly what he wants. Matt Czuchry has appeared on many television series including "Friday Night Lights" and a long running role as Logan on "Gilmore Girls".