If you have kids in the house ,most likely you can recite the “iCarly” cast off by heart. For the rare few who have no idea who or what “iCarly” is, this article will enlighten you. “iCarly” is a television show for kids and tweens. The kids on the show put on a webcast also known as “iCarly”. Although the show is geared towards kids, parents and other adults are often caught watching the show to see what is going to happen next.


Jennette McCurdy

As the sassy sidekick Sam, she adds a bit of flair to the show and a whole lot of attitude. She has appeared in various other television series including "True Jackson, VP", “Zoey 101”, “Will & Grace”, and “Close to Home”. She also puts her voice to good use as a recording artist. Her first single was released in 2009.



Miranda Cosgrove  

She is Carly, the reason the show exists. She is the typical good girl that lives with her brother, Spencer. Before her long running role on “iCarly”, she played the pesky little sister on “Drake & Josh”. As another little girl with a big voice is has been a recording artist since 2007. She also has four songs on the “iCarly” soundtrack and released her debut album in 2010.



Nathan Kress

On “iCarly”, he plays Freddie Benson, the technical person for the web cast and Sam and Carly's best friend. In real life he has been seen on “true Jackson, VP”, “CSI”, and “Drake & Josh”. He also lends his voice to “The Penguins of Madagascar”, “Chicken Little”, and “Babe”. His career began as a pretty boy model in various print advertisements. 



Jerry Trainor

As Carly's big brother, Spencer, he is the life of the party. But before “iCarly” he could be seen on “Drake & Josh” and “Crossing Jordan”. His voice can be heard on “T.U.F.F. Puppy” and “The Penguins of Madagascar”. Although his resume includes mostly direct to video movies, on television is where he belongs. He has a flair for the dramatic and fits into the sitcom area perfectly. 



Noah Munck

As Gibby on the show, we rarely see him with a shirt on and he is most always the brunt of jokes. His acting career started in 2007 in the television movie “1321 Clover”. Since then he has been on various television shows and movies. With his baby face, he is perfect for commercials. He can be seen most recently in the TruGreen commercials and previously in Got Milk? and Frosted Mini-Wheats ads.