Ever since the TV show "Dexter" was first enjoyed in October of 2006, everyone has been searching the web for "Dexter" season finale spoilers. "Dexter" is a Showtime series that shows a Miami police blood pattern specialist that works in time to be a serial killer at night. The twist, of course, is that Dexter will only kill other killers, thinking that he is ridding the world of horrible people, so that should make it ok. It has been going strong for five seasons, and in 2010, was picked back up for season six to start in 2011. However, at the end of every season so far, there has been some amazing spoilers to hit the Web, and these are our favorites.

  1. Season One. The spoiler that was seen by everyone at the end of season one was the leak that Rudy, the Ice Truck Killer, was really Dexter’s long lost biological brother. Everyone was shocked to understand the killer that he must rid the world of during this final episode is also a family member.

  2. Season Two. When the last episode in season two was getting ready to air, people were searching everywhere to find a spoiler on if Dexter would be caught as the Bay Harbor Butcher or not. Of course, when the final spoilers hit, you realized that he would once again wiggle himself out of such tough scrutiny.

  3. Season Three. Everyone was on the edge of their seats wondering how things would work out with Dexter’s brother Ramon, and if he would be able to make it down the aisle for the marriage everyone had been waiting for. During the season three final spoilers that everyone read before the final episode even aired, people found out that the wedding would and did take place.

  4. Season Four. When the end of season four was about to come to a close, everyone was curious if the final episode was going to show the Trinity Killer getting away, where as some of the spoilers that were found out before the final episode aired proved that the Trinity Killer does get caught, but its Dexter and Rita that get away, on a vacation.

  5. Season Five. Of course, everyone figured that there was no way to top the season four ending of "Dexter," but having Rita killed during this final episode, and a few places being able to leak this information before the episode aired, had a lot of fans in an uproar.

-Crystal Ferguson