Dexter Season 5 Spoilers

Thursday, September 8 by Frost

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When your own brand of therapy involves a lot of blood and long nights outsid the office, there are going to be secrets to keep but not with the "Dexter" season 5 spoilers. "Dexter" is a show where the extracurricular affairs of one man tend to make his workmates lives both harder and easier. Find a friend who is willing to cover your eyes for the bad parts because here comes the spoilers:

Deb catches Dexter and Lumen red-handed but lets them go free. Next season of "Dexter" is not titled "Dexter makes license plates." His sister's acceptance of the killing will probably renew his convictions more than anything else. Her active approval of the violence gives strength and validation to Dexter's mission. This is a "Dexter" season five spoiler that you had to expect in the back of your head but were still pleased when it happened.

Liddy figures it all out. Liddy discovers that Dexter and Lumen are killers. Sometimes it takes a criminal to catch a criminal. Liddy, through hook, crook and alcohol, manages to make the connections between Dexter, Lumen and the high profile murders going on

Jordan Chase is the mastermind behind the barrel girl slayings. A self-help guru who ignores the give and promotes the take. Eloquent, intelligent and wealthy, he is an interesting opponent. He is the polar opposite to Boyd Fowler and yet their driving "passion" is exactly the same. A sizeable obstacle in Dexter's path becomes a "Dexter" season five spoiler.

Quinn is on to "Kyle Butler." Detectives are supposed to be observant. As well covered as Dexter is as a technician in the police department, certain connections can appear to the well-trained eye. Quinn obsesses and puts his job on the line with some shady dealings as he hunts down the similarities between Kyle and Dexter.

Dexter finds his true better half and loses her. Lumen Pierce goes from a loose end to a vulnerability, then to an asset and finally back to a vulnerability with Dexter. A fractured love to be sure, it was interesting to see Dexter find someone that complemented him in all his pursuits and made him feel more human. Having sent her away once, Dexter losing her as her vengeance ends is quite the shock.

Boyd Fowler isn't working solo. Sure, a guy who uses his real identity to rent a moving truck isn't the brightest bulb in the lighting warehouse, but killing doesn't have to be intricate. Boyd's character builds as he appears simple at first but his instincts are well-honed and present interesting difficulties that make a perfect red herring. The cat and mouse style of false leads is a perfect "Dexter" season five spoiler.

Emily Birch never truly escaped Jordan Chase. An interesting twist that Chase's original victim and his colleagues is still entwined with Chase. A great surprise and the relationship between Emily and Jordan is played sincere in its corruption. A "Dexter" season five spoiler that sets up progressively more surprises.

Manzon sells out Deborah. In an environment heavy with the "us versus them" mentality, there's a terrible betrayal. Manzon gives Deborah up as the guilty party in the bar shootout for a quick promotion. Closeness is protective unless someone in the circle sells another out and makes the "Dexter" season five spoiler list.

Dexter ditches his wedding ring. A symbol of commitment and love, Dexter's ring was a vassal for his memories of his wife. Not that he'll forget her, but it appears that the serial killer side needs less guilt and more instinctua drive. A great symbolic end for the season finale.

Harrison isn't evil. As much as Dexter worries about the effects of genetics and his mother's death on Harrison, the baby is still an innocent. No taking after dad and mopping up sandbox bullies for Harrison yet. Nature versus nature is kept at bay in this "Dexter" season five spoiler for now.

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