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Sunday, September 11 by Elizabeth Stewart

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“Dexter” episodes revolve around the main characte Dexter Morgan, a Miami Police Department blood pattern analyst by day, a vigilante killer by night. Dexter takes it upon himself to avenge the victims by killing criminals that the justice system could not prosecute. The television series is aired by Showtime Television Network and is based on a series of books written by Jeff Lindsay.

“Season One, Episode One”This is perhaps the most special as it is the first ever “Dexter” episode. This piece sets up the show's characters and introduces Dexter’s job, sister Debra and his colleagues. In this premiere, a serial killer has been targeting prostitutes in Miami and Dexter attempts to solve the crime, punish the killer while also dealing with his restless girlfriend Rita.

“Season One, Episode Ten” Entitled “Seeing Red,” this marks the return of one of Dexter's foes. The infamous Ice Truck Killer returns to provoke Dexter. There is also trouble in the homefront as Debra questions her relationship with her boyfriend Rudy while Rita engages in a custody battle.

“Season Two, Episode Three” "An Inconvenient Lie" focuses on Dexter’s relationship with Rita and shows his struggles of making a relationship work while struggling with his own inner demons. This is a fantastic episode as Rita mistakenly suspects Dexter of drug addiction and issues an ultimatum for him to commit to a rehabilitation program.

“Season Three, Episode Three” This “Dexter” episode entitled "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" is about irony. While Dexter contemplates fatherhood a pedophile is loose in the Miami. It is not exactly a good time for him to raise a child.

“Season Three, Episode Twelve” "Do You Take Dexter Morgan" is a memorable episode of “Dexter” as it is almost his wedding day. In the meantime, Dexter must deal with his crazy brother Ramon and the two men trying to make his wedding day also his funeral.

“Season Four, Episode Six” Season Four began in 2009 and this “Dexter” episode called "If I had a Hammer" continues to focus on the Trinity Killer, one of his worse nemesis ever. Trouble also brews in his relationship with Rita while he has to deal with his own police department discovering his complicated relationship with the Trinity Killer.

“Season Four, Episode Seven” Dexter defines slack tide as a tide that is still and not going anywhere but not for very long. This “Dexter” episode centers on his attempts to create a harmonious work, home and vigilante lives. A photographer also becomes Dexter’s primary suspect for a number of killings in Miami while Debra continues to locate the Trinity Killer.

“Season Five, Episode Three” "Practically Perfect,” the Dexter episode title, is taken from the Disney film “Mary Poppins.” This special episode features Dexter’s attempts to return to his nightly murderous pursuits while finding a British babysitter for his son Harrison, fondly called Prince Harry. Meanwhile, a colleague is beginning to suspect that Dexter and a suspect in the Trinity Killer case named Kyle Butler might be one and the same.

“Season Five, Episode Six” Aptly titled "Everything is Illumenated," this episode of Dexter is influenced by the novel “Everything is Illuminated” by Jonathan Safran Foer and a highly interesting one. The word play in changing the spelling to “Illumenated” is in reference to Lumen Ann Pierce. She is a central character in the story and is virtually Dexter’s partner in the pursuit of justice.

“Season Five, Episode Seven” It is a suspenseful episode as Dexter’s efforts to help Lumen find and murder the men who raped her is getting into a head-on crash with the Miami Police Department’s investigation.  Debra, on the other hand, is in a collision course of her own as she faces the killers behind the Santa Muerte murders.

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