These "Degrassi" Season 10 Spoilers are perfect for fans of the series who need some quick insight into what they have missed or to stimulate interest for new "Degrassi" viewers. This dramatic television series revolves around Degrassi Community School, is based in Toronto, Ontario and once counted the Canadian-born rapper Drake as a cast member - playing the wheelchair-bound teenager Jimmy Brooks. The term "spoiler" means to a description of a work of fiction that reveals specific plot details - so if that doesn't bother you - please proceed to read these "Degrassi" Season 10 spoilers. 

  1. Episode 7 and 8: "Better Off Alone": Part 1 and 2. This section of "Degrassi" Season 10 shows K.C. being caught off guard when his mother reenters his life -and wants to get custody of him again. In an act of rebellion, K.C. starts hanging out with a rowdy crowd, causing him to get into serious trouble. Eli helps Clare cope with her own domestic dilemmas by filtering these feelings into her writing. Also, while at a party, Drew and Alli play a provocative stripping game maing Season 10 of "Degrassi" even more unexpected.

  2. Episode 17 and 18: "Tears Dry On Their Own": Part 1 and 2 Jenna gets overtaken by stage fright in the middle of an audition and scurries away to vomit. Her fear is initiated when K.C. appears less than supportive of her dreams of stardom. But after appearing to her performance late, K.C. encourages Jenna to give the audition another shot and she is successful. Things in K.C. and Jenna's relationship go sour after she finds out that she is 20 weeks pregnant and K.C. clearly does not want to be a father in this part of "Degrassi" Season 10.

  3. Episode 23 and 24: "All Falls Down": Part 1 and 2 In these episodes of "Degrassi" Season 10, Bianca starts flirting with Drew, who is dating Alli, and he reacts to Bianca's advances favorably. She leads him into the boiler room of Degrassi - by his belt. Alli finds out about Drew's indiscretions with Bianca. To get Fitz to stop bullying Eli, Clare agrees to attend the dance with Fitz. Eli escalates his conflict with Fitz by poisoning his drink, which leads to Fitz threatening Eli with a knife. When Principal Simpson finds out about the knife he puts the school into immediate lockdown.

  4. Episode 25 and 26: "Don't Let Me Get Me": Part 1 and 2 "Degrassi" Season 10 heats up with Degrassi entering into a much stricter disciplinary mode with new security and an enforced dress code. Alli struggles with the school gossip about her which was spawned by Bianca and Drew's "boiler room" incident. Alli and Bianca get into a physical altercation, which causes Alli'sparents to go to the school and find out all about the past rebellious acts she has committed at Degrassi. Jenna goes from hiding her pregnancy to revealing it during her push to win the "Next Teen Star" competition.

  5. Episode 29 and 30: "Umbrella": Part 1 and 2 Season 10 of "Degrassi" continues along with Clare's parents' divorce and their decision to sell the family house. Drew tries to get Fiona's attention, but she is not interested in dating him. Adam and Drew both want Fiona - causing a rift between them. Being that Dave's father is a cop at Degrassi - his chances at leaving the "unpopular circle" and making new friends looks very slim.

-Jason Cuthbert