The "Nip/Tuck" cast are a group of talented actors. "Nip/Tuck" is an American real life-inspired medical cosmetic surgery and skin healing show purported to be the brain child of Ryan Murphy. Murphy claims that all the incidents depicted in the series are 100 percent inspired from real life situations and this led to the show being one of the most successful shows on FX. The top "Nip/Tuck" cast members who contributed immensely towards the show’s massive success are as follows:

Julian McMahan as Christian Troy The Australian McMahan played the central character, Christian, a plastic surgeon who was largely responsible for most of the magical therapies on the patients. This superb actor perfected the art of playing detectives and medical practitioners and was also seen as Doctor Doom in the critically acclaimed series "Fantastic Four." He was nominated for an Emmy and a Golden Globe and went on to win both for his fine performance.

Joely Richardson as Julia McNamara The seasoned actress packed in a fine performance as Doctor Julia in the series throughout the time it aired. Her popularity was such that the entire episode had to be cancelled following her exit because of her daughter’s exit, the first time such an incident occurred in the television world. She eventually returned to depict one of the leads and held her own against the accomplished McMahan. She did not win any awards but gained immense popularity as an actress.

Alec Baldwin as Dr. Barrett Moore Baldwin is an outstanding actor having made a mark in all the three spheres of entertainment: theatre, television and film. Here, he plays Dr. Moore in such a fine performance that he won two Emmys, three Golden Globes and many other Actors Guild Awards. He also has an Academy Award to his credit. One of the most captivating performances in the show so far, Baldwin managed to strike a chord with the audience for his powerfully etched out role.

AnnaLynne McCord as Eden Lord McCord is an American actress who went on to deliver quite a captivating performance in "Nip/Tuck" as Eden Lord, a scheming evil character. Along with her film work, she also was a part of many social movements and charity shows which shows her strong empathetic side. She is quite a popular actress, which reflected well in the way people reacted to her role with a lot of positive reviews. She is one of the few accomplished actors who could take on a role with shades of grey and mix it up with her own charisma to make it unforgettable.

Brooke Shields as Faith Wolper Brooke Shields is a highly popular actress who garnered a multitude of mind blowing acclaim for her successful portrayal of Faith Wolper in the show "Nip/Tuck," which made her achieve her claim to fame in this elite list of the top "Nip/Tuck" cast members. She is not only a successful model and ramp scorcher, but she can write well-meaning books with panache, too. In Brooke Shields we have a beauty with her fair share of brains as well and that is where she stands out among the crowd.