A great drama series is one that can produce a successful spin-off and have great actors like the "CSI NY" cast. The premise to the hit drama show is once a murder has been committed in New York City, the forensic team of C.S.I. gathers evidence, analyzes it and profiles the killer. They can establish time of death and many times, the motive behind the crime. The show is a great murder mystery shows that's been on for six successful season. A few cast members have come and gone but here is a list of the original core that started the series.


  1. Detective Mac Taylor played by Gary Sinise. Detective Taylor is head investigator over the entire NY team. Gary has had many roles in movies such as "Forrest Gump" and "Apollo 13" before he joined the "CSI NY" cast. He's won an Emmy and a Golden Globe making him the most prolific actor on the show.

  2. Detectiv Stella Bonaser played by Melina Kanakaredes. Detective Bonaser is a first grade detective and close partners with Det. Taylor. Melina began her career in the daytime soap opera "Guiding Light." She continued acting taking small roles in movies and television series. Before joining the cast of "CSI NY" she is best known for her leading role in "Providence."

  3. Detective Danny Messer played by Carmine Giovinazzo. Detective Messer is a third grade detective who blends upholding the law with bending the law. Carmine attained many small roles in film and television. His role as a "CSI NY" cast member is his bigges break in Hollywood to date.

  4. Dr. Sheldon Hawkes played by Hill Harper. Dr. Hawkes is a third grade detective and the medical examiner on the show. Harper is an accomplished television actor landing roles in four other series: "Married with Children," "Live Shot," "City of Angels" and "The Handler."

  5. Detective Don Flack played by Eddie Cahill. Detective Flack is a born and bred New Yorker who brings a little maverick attitude to the series. Eddie has garnered guest roles in television series and small roles in movies. Joining the "CSI NY" cast, however, is his biggest acting accomplishment thus far.

  6. Detective Lindsay Monroe played by Anna Belknap. Detective's Monroe attention to detail got her a slot on the CSI NY team. Anna had recurring roles in three different series: "Deadline," "The Handler" and "Medical Investigation."

- Chuck G.