CSI: NY Cast

Wednesday, May 4 by Nick Blair

If you enjoy watching "CSI: NY," you should know the names of the "CSI: NY" cast. The cast members aren’t anyone too famous, but it is good to know their names when having conversations with other people who are interested in "CSI: NY." You’ll even know who to keep an eye out for movies if any of the actors seem really good to you!

  1. Sela Ward Sela Ward plays Assistant Supervisor Jo Danville on "CSI: NY." She is the main leader of the team in "CSI: NY" and is seen doing everything from DNA evidence research to questioning suspects. Sometimes Jo even gets out and does a little bit of hands on investigation out in the city. In "CSI: NY," Jo Danville is shown as being open to the rest of her team despite her being the leader.
  2. Gary Sinise Detective Mac Taylor is portrayed by Gary Sinise in "CSI: NY." He is an ex-marine-turned-lead detective of the "CSI: NY" team. He has shown in the show his doubt in intuition and that every case should be solved with evidence when he usually is very vital in collecting.
  3. Carmine Giovinazzo Detective Danny Messer is one of Mac Taylor’s inferiors in the "CSI: NY" crime lab and investigations. He has been shown as having a dangerous background in the show that included gang involvement and other illegal activities, which is why he is a contrasting fit to the rest of the "CSI: NY" team. Detective Danny Messer usually believes in justice in certain situations and that other types of situations require other means.
  4. Anna Belknap Anna Belknap plays Lindsay Monroe on "CSI: NY." Monroe is a detective who comes originally from the West and had witnessed a triple homicide, which left her scarred.
  5. Eddie Cahill Cahill portrays a detective on the team. He is known mostly for being the heavy talker and muscle of the team and is usually brought in to interrogate suspects.
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