The “CSI Miami” cast has had its ups and downs. It is not sure who is more to blame, the cast or the writers, but this show is on a slow downward spiral. The characters are flat and the storylines are predictable at best. There is no spark or chemistry between any of "CSI Miami" cast, so it is hard to tell what or who is at fault. However, when a good show goes bad, there are some actors and actresses that should be recognized for their work in the beginning.

Eva La Rue –

When she joined the “CSI Miami” cast as Natalia Boa Vista, she added a spark to a quickly dulling show. She pulled double duty by starring on "CSI Miami" and the daytime soap opera “All My Children” up until 2010. Her first real television start came in 1988 when she appeared on “Santa Barbara” for 23 episodes.

Emily Proctor –

To some men, her character on “CSI Miami”, Calleigh Duquesne, is one hot babe. She carries a gun, and she knows how to use it. Emily Proctor brings her character to life and adds dimension to a show that is losing ratings fast. She has also been seen on "The West Wing" and "Just Shoot Me".

David Caruso –

To some, Lieutenant Horatio Caine is the star of "CSI Miami", and to others, he is a cop on a power trip. As an actor, Caruso is one of those "love him or hate him" types. There is no middle ground. He has proved himself as an actor with his numerous roles on shows such as “Hill Street Blues” and “NYPD Blue”.

Adam Rodriguez –

As Eric Delko, he ads character to an otherwise dully written part. Since the show began, he has had two true loves in his life, his sister and Callie. He lost both. Adam Rodriguez began his career as a cop in “NYPD Blue” and then in “Brooklyn South”.

Jonathan Togo –

Ryan Wolfe was a latecomer to the show compared to the previous actors on this list. Although his character is an annoying pain in the but, Jonathan Togo added a new depth to the show in his character.  He started his acting career on the television series "Special Unit 2" and various other shows before landing his role on "CSI Miami".