"Criminal Minds" is one of CBS's more popular shows and typically in the top 10 of most viewed shows on any channel. If you love" Criminal Minds" as much as many do, you may want to learn about the "Criminal Minds" cast. You can find out where you may have seen some of the "Criminal Minds" cast and learn about their characters as well.

  1. Thomas Gibson. Thomas Gibson plays the Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner as part of the "Criminal Minds" cast. Thomas' most memorable character may be from "Dharma and Greg" where he played the husband of a free-spirited woman. Gibson gained a scholarship to Juilliard and has been in many plays, television shows and movies. He is married and lives in San Antonio, Texas.

  2. Rachel Nichols. Rachel Nichols is the latest edition to the "Criminal Minds" cast where she plays Agent Ashley Seaver. She got her start as a model and then moved on to acting in such shows as Sex and the City and Alias. She has also been in movies such as "P2" and "The Amityville Horror."

  3. Joe Montegna. Joe Montegna plays SSA David Rossi after replacing Mandy Patinkin as a lead in "Criminal Minds." He is not only an actor but also a producter, director and writer and has been in numerous movies and television shows.  He was in "The Godfather II" and won Emmy Awards for three different mini-series that he starred in.

  4. Matthew Gray Gubler. Matthew great up in Las Vegas and attended the Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts. He got his start as a runway model for many well known designers such as Tommy Hilfiger and Marc Jacobs before landing a role in "The Life Aquatic." He plays Dr. Spencer Reid as part of the "Criminal Minds"cast.

  5. Shemar Moore. Shemar Moore also got his start in modeling and then moved to film. He is well known and has won many awards for his role in "The Young and the Restless" and has been featured in movies such as "How to Marry a Billionaire" and plays SSA Derek Morgan on "Criminal Minds."

  6. Paget Brewster. Paget plays SSA Emily Prentiss on the show but is set to leave. Her acting history includes having her own talk show and a variety of pilots and popular shows such as "Friends." She lives in Los Angeles and was born in Massachusetts.

  7. Kirstin Vangness. Kirsten plays the beloved Penelope Garcia, a hacker turned FBI computer analyst. Kirsten is well known in the Los Angeles theater community and has won many awards for her performances.

Others have come and gone such as A.J. Cook, Mandy Pantinkin and Lola Glaudini but the current cast of "Criminal Minds" are quite interesting and bring a lot to the show by making it entertaining and unique.