"Community" is a great show about what its like to be attending a community college which you will see with these "Community" episodes. The show is centered around a study group of assorted characters. This comedy is very serious about the subject matter of friendship, feeling lost in life, and trying to "study" together.

  1. "Introduction To Statistics" Season 1 Episode 7. This episode of "Community" is the episode where viewers start seeing the show take its stride. This is the first Halloween episode. "Introduction To Statistics" gives each character a chance to showcase their inner desires and demons. Abed's Batman is nothing short of hilarious. But, the freight train that is Chevy Chase elevates the episode to a new level when his character unintentionally takes some ecstasy.

  2. "Aerodynamics of Gender" Season 2 Episode 7. For the beginning of the second season, Abed's quirky nature takes over this episode. The other characters learn to use his special talent of precisely insulting everyone as a means of getting back to the "mean girls" in the lunch room. Professor Chang acts as a looming character that offers the "Oh no you didn't" comments throughout. Abed targets each girl as a robot targeting its enemy. Add to this plot a random trampoline fantasy for Jeff and Troy and the episode becomes complete.

  3. "Modern Warfare" Season 1 Episode 23. This episode has been considered to be one of the best episodes of "Community" ever made. It is a parody on "28 Days Later" when a paintball fight goes campus wide. All of the characters are put in a high stress situation and under a physical strain. It shows what happens to them when they are forced to ban together as a study group and simply, survive.

- Amanda Ferguson