Do you know who the "Community" cast members are? This hit television sitcom centers around a study group at a community college. The characters range from: dishonest lawyer who lied about his education; a wife/mother; two nerdy best friends; Miss Perfect girl; hot chick and skirt-chasing guy. You wouldn't think they'd all get along together, but they do. The core however centers around the two nerdy best friends. Each episode ends with a little tag of their nerdy antics.

  1. Abed Nadir played by Danny Pudi. Abed is by all definitions a nerd. He is the central character of the show that keeps everyone together as a group. Danny has played in numerous short films and guest roles in television series before he joined the "Community" cast. This is his biggest Hollywood acting job to date.

  2. Troy Barnes played by Donald Glover. Troy is Abed's best friend and equal in nerdom.  Donald's an accomplished writer with twenty-five episodes of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" under his belt. He also wrote two episodes for "30 Rock. "

  3. Jeff Winger played by Joel McHale. Jeff is one of the older cast members who was disbarred as a lawyer. Joel garnered many small guest appearances on television shows. Joining the "Community" cast however is his biggest television series acting job thus far.

  4. Bitta Perry played by Gillian Jacobs. Britta is the hot tough gal on the show. Gillian is a graduate of the prestigous Juilliard School in New York City. She's appeared in guest spots on television series as well as small roles in movies.

  5. Annie Edison played by Alison Brie.  Annie is the goody-two-shoes character that keeps everyone's morals in check. Alison is the only actor on the "Community" cast member who plays in an ensemble in two series that are ongoing: "Commnity" and "Mad Men."

  6. Shirley Bennett played by Yvette Nicole Brown. Shirley's the only character that's married and has kids. Yvette is a true working actress appearing in many television series since she started acting in 2000. She's earned almost 50 different guest roles in television series and movies.

  7. Pierce Hawthorn played by Chevy Chase. Pierce is the oldest in the study group and the one who demands the most attention. Chevy is no stranger to acting. Before joining the "Community" cast he is best known for his movie roles and his 70s days on "Satruday Night Live."

-Cynthia Gulley