"Chuck" spoilers are somewhat hard to keep secret. The show does, after all, seem to pride itself in its ability to maintain a smooth flow of information. There are a few major plot points, though, that are important to know if you want to keep up with the show. Below are the ten biggest "Chuck" spoilers.

  1. Bryce is still alive. Bryce was introduced as a number of things - super spy, Sarah's ex, and most importantly Chuck's roommate. He was also thought to have died - a clever government ruse. He did come back in the second season finale, only to meet his legitimate end.

  2. Daniel Shaw is a villain. Daniel Shaw was set up as a rival for Chuck from the beginning, but was also a fairly decent guy. It seemed he might even become a supporting character in the show. This was all undone, though, when he turned out to be an agent for the Ring.

  3. Stephen Bartowski is Omega. Orion was the inventor of the Intersect. As far as series mythology went, he was likely the most important unseen character. As the series tied its mythology together, viewers learned something even more important: he was also Chuck's dad.

  4. The secret of the Gretas. The latest season of Chuck introduced a series of CIA agents codenamed "Greta". They varied in appearance and gender, but all seemed to be incredibly competent. The truth behind the codenames was later revealed - they were all members of a new Intersect program.

  5. Intersect 2.0. The major shocker of Chuck was the titular spy's upgrade. The early days of the show featured Chuck as only an intelligence asset, a man totally at a loss in the spy world. With this major upgrade, though, he now has the physical skills to match his knowledge.

  6. Frost. Where is Chuck's mom? Viewers were told she abandoned his family at an early age, but few questions about her were ever answered. It turns out that she was the very deep cover agent Frost, who was working for...

  7. Volkoff? Alexei Volkfoff was the major enemy of the 2010/2011 season of Chuck, and for good reason. The man was a complete monster, an amoral arms dealer that found himself in charge of a major intelligence network. He was also Chuck's mother's supposed "MI6" handler.

  8. The Buy More. The Buy More is, and always has been, the major base of operations for Chuck. It was also thought to have been destroyed at the end of the 2009/2010 season. The 2010/2011 season brought back the location, now as a secret CIA safehouse.

  9. It was all a setup. From day one, Chuck had been pegged for the Intersect. His father developed it. He was tested for it in college. Only the well meanin intervention of Bryce Larkin led to Chuck's current adventures. 

  10. She said yes. Will they or won't they has been the major theme of the show, at least when it comes to Chuck and Sarah. After years of going back and forth, Chuck finally asked the question. To the surprise of no one, Sarah said yes.