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Saturday, August 13 by D. Michaels

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NBC has produced some great TV shows over the last few years, bringing together one excellent set of actors and actresses after the other, so when they assembled the “Chuck” cast, they knew how to get a watchable show out of good talent. In case you haven’t seen it, “Chuck” is a spy-comedy about the adventures of a retail store clerk who gets the entire CIA database of knowledge downloaded into his head.

Zachary Levi (Chuck Bartowski).

Zachery, who had appeared sporadically on stage, TV, and a movie or two before joining the “Chuck” cast as the lead character in 2007 has taken advantage of his new found fame by branching out in commercials for Comcast and appearing in the hit movie “Tangled”, a cartoon adaptation on the story of Rapunzel.

Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah Walker).

Yvonne is one of the luckier actresses in Hollywood since joining the “Chuck” cast has made her an overnight sensation and the object of fans desire. Her role as CIA agent/handler/lover of Chuck Bartowski marks the 28 year-old Australian native’s big break in Hollywood, having appeared in guest starring roles in various projects since starting her career in 2004.

Adam Baldwin (John Casey).

Fans of geek TV are no stranger to Adam Baldwin’s career. He’s known from his work in “The X-Files”, “Firefly”, “Angel”, and a number of DC cartoon movies (he’s been the voice of both Superman and Green Lantern). When Baldwin (who is no relation to Alec Baldwin and his famous brothers) joined the “Chuck” cast, he started as NSA agent and Chuck’s reluctant mentor/handler John Casey, a no-holes-barred soldier who’d rather shoot his way out of a situation rather than negotiate.

Sarah Lancaster (Ellie Bartowski).

Before joining the “Chuck” cast as his sister in 2007, Sarah already had an impressive body of work under her belt. Her fans probably remember Lancaster most from her stint on the “Saved by the Bell” spin off, “The Next Class”, but she’s had a great track record of extended appearances on shows like “Scrubs”, “Dr. Vegas”, “What About Brian”, and “Everwood”. In fact, her acting resume is more impressive and lengthy than that of the show’s two main leads.

Vik Sahay (Lester Patel).

Fans may not be aware of this, but Vik originally auditioned and nearly got the role of Morgan Grimes before losing it to Joshua Gomez. Producers were so impressed by his performance that they brought him into the “Chuck” cast in a role they created for him. Sahay’s performance of the character has been a fan favorite since they show’s inception.

Scott Krinsky (Jeff Barnes).

Scott is another great example of a comedian who hit it big by joining the “Chuck” cast. At 41, Scott is one of the oldest cast members in the series, playing the perpetually stoned Jeff Barnes, who is a both co-worker of Chuck’s that works as the electronic retail store that serves as Chuck’s cover as well as best friend to Lester. They even have a band together that remakes (read: utterly butchers) great 80’s music. Together, they make up a great comedy duo on the show.   

Joshua Gomez (Morgan Grimes).

Gomez, 36, plays Chuck’s best friend who, until season 3, was unaware that his best friend had a secret life as a spy. All of that changed for his character Morgan, who then joined Team Chuck. An interesting fact about Gomez is that his acting resume is almost equal in terms of TV shows he’s appeared in as opposed to how many video games he’s done voice work for.

-Mark Dodson



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