Charmed Episodes For True Fans

Monday, October 31 by Michael J

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What are your favorite “Charmed” episodes? Do they make the list below? These “Charmed” episodes mark the best of the best, in which the sisters' lives were changed forever. The “Charmed” cast entertained us for nearly a decade before the series finale at the end of season eight. Was there ever a person on this show that wasn't eye candy to look at?

“All Hell Breaks Loose”

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In this episode of “Charmed”, Prue dies as part of the season three finale. The underworld believes that Prue’s death will sever the power of three but they couldn’t be more wrong. However, they won’t find out until season four why the power of three still exists.

“Charmed Again: Part II”

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Paige Matthews is the third part of the power of three. The source possesses her boyfriend to bring her to the dark side just as she is realizing her powers. This spicy red head adds some interesting fun to the show.

“Something Wicca Comes This Way”


The series premiere of “Charmed” in which viewers are first introduced to the “Charmed” ones: Prue, Piper, and Phoebe. Prue quits her job at the museum. The series premieres are always the best shows. They want to entice you into the storyline and what better way to do it than with three hot chicks

“Forever Charmed”

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In the series finale, viewers say goodbye to the sisters and the power of three. Althoough this show ran for eight seasons, giving viewers lessons in witchcraft of both white and black magic, it is was hard to part with the cast.

“Oh My Goddness: Part I”

Oh My Goddness: Part I charmed episodes.jpg

Chris, who is now Trevor on "Army Wives", is introduced to the “Charmed“ ones. Unbeknownst to them, Chris is Leo and Pipers youngest son. He is there to ensure that Wyatt doesn’t become evil. Chris gives the girls some eye candy to look at even though "Charmed" rarely lacked in that area. 

-Michael Baird

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