These “Burn Notice” episodes are the best the show has to offer. When spy, Michael Westen, gets his burn notice he intend on getting to the bottom of why he was fired. But now that he has been burned his life is much harder, no money, no credit cards, no life. His only friends are an ex-girlfriend and an old contact that is working for the feds to keep an eye on Michael in these “Burn Notice” episodes.


The pilot episode of “Burn Notice” is where it all begins. Viewers learn about Michael Westen, the life he use to live and what his life has become. He was ‘burned’ from his old life as a spy and now must learn to live without all the perks he once had. All while dealing with an ex-girlfriend and his mother. Pilots are generally one of  the very best episodes. They need it to be good, to hook you and make you need to come back for more. And this episode of "Burn Notice" did just that. 

Broken Rules

Michael finally gets the upper hand with Agent Bly. He also becomes a thug in order to save a local business owner and his family from a criminal organization. He also convinces someone within the organization that it would be in his best interest to take out the mastermind before he in taken out. This episode shows us Michael being good at being bad to get what he needs. 

Lesser Evil

In the season two finale of “Burn Notice” viewers are left hanging, no knowing what Michael's future will hold. Cutting ties with the management will leave Michael defenseless against his enemies. But staying could be worse.

Good Intentions

A kidnapper wants much more than just money as Sam and Fiona attempt to free the hostage while Michael is otherwise tied up. The colors are blurred when a .50 caliber machine gun comes into play. This episode is just one reason that why people need to work as a team instead of separately.

Friends and Enemies  

Season 4, Episode 1Michael is being held against his will in this episode of “Burn Notice”. Fiona and Sam are in too deep in a case involving a young attorney and local biker gang. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer is the perfect motto for this episode.