Gillian O'Neil is the brilliant mind responsible for populating the "Brothers and Sisters" cast. Set in Southern California, "Brothers and Sisters" tells the story of the Walker family. Nora is the matriarch whose husband died in the very first episode. She had a rocky relationship with her youngest daughter, Kitty. Fortunately, the show decided to allow them to make peace and the current show is equal parts drama and comedy. Here are the principal characters.

  1. Nora Walker (Sally Field) An amazing actress doing an amazing role. After all these years, yes; we really do love her. Nora recently got a job playing "Mom" on a radio show where she gives advice. Five years after the death of her husband, William, and the subsequent ugly secrets that were uncovered, Nora is finally ready to date again.

  2. Sarah Walker (Rachel Griffiths) As the oldest daughter, Sarah has a major tendency to be bossy, impatient, judgmental and domineering. She has just as many great personality traits, though so she is a well-balanced, complex character. She is engaged to Luc Laurent (Gilles Marini), an artist who made his seed money as an underwear model. Her daughter, Paige(Kerris Lilla Dorsey), is diabetic.

  3. Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart) One year younger than Sarah, Kitty is active in the Republican party. She was widowed after her husband, Robert McCallister (Rob Lowe), languished in a coma for a year and she finally made the decision to let him go. She has an adopted son, Evan. She left town shortly before Tommy returned.

  4. Tommy Walker (Balthazar Getty) Tommy returned in season five after a two-season absence. He and Sarah frequently clash, and as of this writing it's not certain if he will remain with his family in Pasadena. The Brothers and Sisters cast has a completely different flavor with his return. Not bad - just different.

  5. Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys) Kevin is a gay attorney in a long-term relationship with Scotty Wandell (Luke Macfarlane). Together, they run Cafe 429. They are currently in the process of adopting a pre-teen named Olivia.

  6. Justin Walker (Dave Annable) Justin is a repeat-tour war vet who is finally finding his footing again in season five. He's a recovering drug addict who was once married to the daughter of William's mistress, Holly.

  7. Saul Holden (Ron Rifkin) Nora's brother, shares ownership of Cafe 429 with Kevin and Scotty. He's gay, and HIV+. He acts as patriarch of the family in the wake of William's death.

The Brothers and Sisters cast has a tendency to fluctuate. People who were on for years, such as Holly, Rebecca, and Kitty have moved on. The door is wide open for their return, so only time will tell if we will get to enjoy their interactions and chemistry with the main cast again.