If you are a fan of the popular sitcom "Boy Meets World," and want to remember some of it's more memorable character dialogue, then you should know "Boy Meets World quotes." "Boy Meets World" was a popular sitcom that ran between 1993 and 2000, and chronicled the life and times of adolescent Cory Matthews who, over the course of the show, grows up and becomes a married man. 

  1. "We're all a little weird, and when we find those people who's weirdness is compatible, we join up with them and fall into a mutually satisfying weirdness and call them our best friends" - Cory.

  2. "Riight, Hunter you're staying with us this weekend. You and Cory don't spend enough time together. You know you guys should wear one big shirt." -Eric

  3. "A ten o'clock curfew! That means if I pick her up at eight, we'll only have...Gosh, that stinking metric system!" - Sean

  4. Eric "Guess who has pictures of Cory running naked through the sprinkler?" Cory "Eric, I was four." Eric "You were twelve." Cory "It was... refreshing."

  5. "And when you're not a little boy anymore, when the world has taught you how to be a man, then you'll still make mistakes but your family and all your good friends you've made along the way will help you - and even though you'll think the world has gone out of its way to teach you all the tough lessons, you'll realize that it's the same world thats given you your family and those friends. You'll come to believe that no matter what happens, somehow the world will protect you." - Cory

-Tanya Khan