"Bones" spoilers highlight how this TV show about wise-cracking, no nonsense FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth and overtly analytical, serious Dr. Temperance Brennan became Fox's most popular series. When not getting on each other's nerves, this dynamic duo solves crimes that deal with extensive forensic science with a misfit team of experts at the Jefferson Institute. David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel's chemistry as two polar opposites make for great romantic tension while they solve some pretty off-the-wall cases. Each season up the ante not only with tougher mysteries, but the zany relationships amongst the crew. Spoilers for "Bones" show potential fans why this TV show is among the best out there.

Season One Spoilers. Dr. Brennan returns to Washington D.C. only to be recruited by FBI Special Agent Booth to examine remains found in a lake in the pilot episode of "Bones." Their first case sets off their borderline dysfunctional working relationship to handle complex forensic cases. Things get more complicated when Dr. Brennan's ex-boyfriend, Michael, who becomes an expert witness for the defense.  Not to be outdone, Booth reopens a case involving the disappearance of Dr. Brennan's parents when her mother's body is found. This minor blip on the radar, of course, leads to a reunion with her brother.

Season Two Spoilers. The Jefferson Institute and Dr. Brennan welcome their new boss, Dr. Camille Saroyan, who—besides being smoking hot—seems to have a bit of a past with Booth.Two can play at this game as Agent Tim "Sully" Sullivan and Dr. Brennan begin to develop a relationship while solving bizarre various cases. Unfortunately, Sully bids a fond farewell to the TV show on his boat toward the Carribean while lovebirds Angela and Hodgins become engaged. Meanwhile, Dr. Brennan's wayward father, Max, adds to her heartbreak as he surrenders to police for the murder of corrupt FBI agents.

Season Three Spoilers. Angela and Hodgins look for her husband, Grayson Barasa, to serve divorce papers so they both can get married in this season of "Bones." The FBI—ticked off with their issues—orders Booth and Dr. Brennan go to "partners therapy" together. Max's trial begins and the team testifies for the prosecution while Dr. Brennan does an about face and works for the defense. Meanwhile, Booth fakes his death to work on a covert mission.

Season Four Spoilers. Hodgins and Angela find her missing husband but Grayson Barasa refuses to sign the divorce papers which leads to their eventual break up in "Bones." An alluring woman named Roxie becomes a prime suspect in a case but she later reveals herself as a lesbian who had a hot fling with Angela years ago. Dr. Brennan meets Booth's younger brother, Jared, and has no problems going on a date with him to the White House function, but learns a lot about Booth's past. Angela and Roxie rekindle their red hot relationship while Hodgins tries hard to move on. Booth ends up in the hospital with a back injury—unrelated to his bro hooking up with Dr. Brennan. Roxie breaks up with Angela who finds solace in Hodgins' arms for the night. 

Season Five Spoilers. Booth of "Bones" wastes little time returning to the FBI and only now starts to wonder about his deep feelings for Dr. Brennan. Better late than never. Angela, apparently way over her hot ex-girlfriend, begins another relationship with an intern, Wendell Bray, much to the dismay of Hodgins. Jared returns with a new girlfriend and asks Booth to be the best man at his wedding. Angela ends her relationship with Wendell (that was quick!) after a pregnancy scare which—once again—leads her back to Hodgins. The hectic season ends with Hodgins and Angela travel to Paris, Dr. Brennan goes to the Maluku Islands on a science expedition, and Booth returns to the Army to train soldiers in Afghanistan. Thank the heavens there is another season!