"Bones" season 6 spoilers are fun and thrilling - much like the show itself. "Bones" is a dramedy about a forensic anthropologist and a cocky FBI agent. They team together to solve cases and make television gold. Many spoilers aren't hidden too well. With the writing of this show, its not too hard to understand what is going to be happening next.

Going There. For season six of "Bones," there is a major chance that Booth and Brennan might finally begin a real relationship outside of the murder and crime scenes they find themselves in. In this major spoiler, the name of the season finale for Season 6 is called "Going There." The writers and producers have teased and eagerly given out hints at what is to happen for the season six finale of "Bones." Because Emily Deschanel is pregnant with her first child, there is a major chance her pregnancy could be involved in the plot line of the season six finale. Producers have also suggested with spoilers that the title "Going There" for the season six finale has to do with a bowling game that Booth and Brennan are going to be playing. However, they are also suggesting that bowling won't be the only game they will be playing with each other.

Jacob Broadsky. In this season six spoiler of "Bones," Jacob Broadksy will finally be caught. After so long, Booth and Brennan are going to finally get their chance to catch him. They will be hiring a twenty-something year old special agent who will be played by Tina Marjorino, that will help them finally catch Jacob Broadsky.

Angela's Baby. For season six of "Bones" Angela will definitely be having the baby before the end of the season. Many fans of "Bones" don't want the birth of the baby to be an excuse not to see Angela anymore. This spoiler suggests that Angela's "supermom" side will come out and she will still be the same Angela everyone came to love and adore.